Each individual has different job titles, functions and responsibilities. May it be an accountant, doctor, manager, secretary, priest, teacher, daughter, son, parent, that sort of thing. Everyone of us is entitled to act accordingly to our titles and do our duty based on what is expected of us at home, at work, or in the society.

Above all the earthly identification we have, God enrtusted us one great little title: being a Christian.

A teacher like me teaches the knowledge I have to my students who need to learn the subject matter. A priest does impart the word of God through their teachings and homilies. A manager delegates tasks to his members, as the members do the work assigned to them.
What about the roles as Christians? How do we justify our title as Christians?

Being a Christian equates a great responsibility such as obeying the commandments, showing mercy, being compassionate, and a lot more. It is difficult knowing that we are only human who happens to live our daily lives for survival and personal gratification. Yet, we forget that as Christians, we are actually privileged to be given the chance to be like Christ. We are created in His likeness and so the expectations to be like Him can be met.

Being a Christian is not like a job title needed to be executed, but rather a way of life lived out of love.

If only we go back to God, our source, we will be able to manifest the demand of this title. It is God who entrusted us of being Christians, therefore only He can guide us how we can give justice to His name.

Let us start by being grateful for the gift of Christ. Give praise and glory to God who loves us so much. It is He who can surely provide us with whatever we need to be a deserving one: a true Christian whose life is lived by the examples of Jesus.

Praying that may Jesus be seen in us. Amen.

Source: Neo Jeremiah Voice of the Young Prophet Newsletter (November 5, 2017 issue)