Many of us have experienced the overwhelming excitement as we approach and wait for any big events in our lives and the amount of uncontrollable emotions that we feel whenever a special occasion is coming. Waiting is full of excitement, eager anticipation and sometimes can be frustrating.

In today’s gospel, we are being reminded that we actively wait in readiness, we actively wait in hope and we actively wait in faith. We, Christians are like the ten virgins – who diligently prepare themselves and answering the call to grow in grace, wisdom and knowledge of the Lord. Some are foolish virgins – who know the Lord is coming, but unable to prepare. So often we get caught with worries and we miss the presence of the Lord, we need to strengthen our faith to recognize Him. We should watch for the Lord’s coming and be ready. Our faith cannot be borrowed. We may not transfer our faith to others however we could be the light to remind them to recognize the Lord Jesus Christ. Our relationship with Jesus must be our own. We can’t rely on other to be Christians for us. God knows our heart. When we have experienced that emotional high that comes from the true conversion, cry out to God make himself known to you and to know and love Jesus. All of us have a lamp; however, in order for that light to keep burning we need to have extra oil. Our faith must be accompanied by good deeds that will sustain our spiritual life.

The oil in the lamp is what is essential to keep the light of Jesus Christ alive in us. Jesus wants us to prepare ourselves for His coming. The Lord wants us to carry oil in our lamps. We need to ready ourselves by living on His Word. To be well-prepared in welcoming the Lord is due to a strong and having an intimate relationship with the provider of the oil – Jesus Christ. As we receive His grace, our fires burn brighter and can light the darkness of others. We need to perceive God’s presence each day and never let opportunity to love and do good works. Our faith must be ready and watching for Him. Not knowing the day or hour of His coming, we must be always ready. We must see that our lamps are being fed – that we are continually growing in the love of God and service to others. Let us come to Jesus in faith and to commit our lives to Him as His followers. We must keep the flame of faith alive in our hearts. Are you ready?

Source: Neo Jeremiah – Voice of the Young Prophet Newsletter November 12, 2017 issue.