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June 27 – Blessed Thomas of Orvieto

Thomas of Orvieto was drawn to enter the Servite Order by his great love of Our Lady and his desire to reach heaven. Because of his humility he asked to be admitted among the lay brothers. Often he was given the task of going from house to house seeking alms. Artistic representations of Blessed Thomas picture him carrying a knapsack with a fig branch in his hand, offering in the middle of winter, a bunch of figs to a pregnant woman who desired them. It seems that the artists wanted to depict both the solicitude of this man of...

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May 30 – Blessed James Philip Bertoni

James Philip was born in 1454 in Celle di Monte Chiaro in the diocese of Faenza, Italy. Because of a vow of his parents, he was associated with the Order at the age of nine. He was note for his spirit of prayer and penance as well as his love for the Scriptures and the works of the Fathers of the Church. Ordained a priest, his celebration of the sacraments demostrated his deep spirituality and love for the liturgy. He died in 1483. His body rests in the cathedral of Faenza. Clemente XIII approved devotion to him in 1761....

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May 12 – Blessed Francis of Siena

Francis was born in Siena in 1266. Because of his love for the Blessed Virgin he entere the Order of Servants of Mary when he was twenty-two years old, and shortly after was ordained to the priesthood. He was noted for his charity, his preaching, and his good judgment in counselling those who came to him. He died in 1328 and his body is venerated in the Basilica of St. Mary of the Servants in Siena. Benedict XIV approved devotion to him in 1743. From the Life of Blessed Francis of Siena by Fra Christopher of Parma (n. 6-9...

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May 11 ~ Blessed Benincasa

Benincasa was born around 1375, probably in Montepulciano, Italy. He entered the Servite Order as a youth and lived a life of solitude and penance. He died about 1426 and his body is at present venerated in the parish church of St. Leonard in Monticchiello. Pope Pius VIII approved devotion to him in 1829. To taste the Lord he withdrew into solitude Benincasa was born around the year 1375, most probably in Montepulciano, Italy. As an adolescent he took the Servite habit, and at the age of twenty-five he withdrew to a grotto on Monte Amiata near Siena, very...

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May 7 – St. Peregrine Laziosi

In 1283 Saint Philip, Prior General of the Friar Servants of Saint Mary, attempted to lead back to obedience to the Apostolic See the citizens of Forlì then under interdict. He was driven out of the city with insults and violence. While this true follower of Christ was praying for his persecutors, one of the crowd, an eighteen year old by the name of Peregrine of the famous Laziosi family, repented and humbly asked Philip for forgiveness. The holy Father received him with love. From that moment the young man began to scorn the vanities of the world and to pray most fervently to the Blessed Virgin, asking that she show him the way of salvation. A few years later, guided by the Virgin,

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