We are all born innocent, with pure heart.  But growing up, we learn from our experiences.  We acquire knowledge as much as possible.  We possess things that the world offers.  The purity was replaced by all of these which make difficult for us to let go of the things we already have.  We’ve been arrogant and proud because we think we knew everything.  We became bitter because of harsh reality and bad experiences we’ve been through.  And the worst part is, we are getting farther from our Creator – God and loving FATHER.

Maybe it is impossible to maintain the purity we have, but to constantly communicate with God is absolutely possible- a choice.  Keeping the faith to the one we call Father.  Because we are all His children and we always belong to His Kingdom.  It is in Him whom we always count on.  Only in Him we can remain child at heart – who needs protection and guidance from a Father whose love is overflowing.  Who cries out everything when in trouble.  Who fully trust that there is someone who loves and cares for him.  And who don’t have pride but only humility.  It is obviously very simple but we tend to complicate it because of our ego.

Now, how can we go back to those times?  The answer is still God.  Leaning to oneself is never an answer. Let us forget ourselves instead and let God take over.  He is almighty and nothing is impossible in Him.  We just have to draw closer to Him, humble ourselves and accept Him with all our heart, mind and soul. Remind ourselves that we have a loving Father who never gets tired of taking care of us and always there especially when we need Him the most.

So, let us start walking back to the time when we are still a child while at the same time looking forward to be in the Kingdom of God.

Source: Neo Jeremiah Voice of the Young Prophet January 21, 2018 issue.