God did not set the specific date when He will be coming back, but that doesn’t mean that He is not coming back.  The question is, when He comes back, are we already prepared?  If how we lived our life now doesn’t align with what God wants you to do, are we willing to change it?

Our ability to adapt change differs from one another.  Some can adapt to change abruptly, some may adapt change gradually or some don’t even want change.  If to develop our faith is to change, how open we are to change for our faith.  Are we like the disciples of Jesus who immediately drop all what they are doing and go, follow Jesus?  Are we like Nicodemus who is out of this curiosity and little by little develop the little faith he has?  Or are we like those people who are afraid of letting go of what they are used to?

Let us always remember that growing our faith in Christ is not a race, but a journey.  In our journey, we are blessed if we can immediately unload all the things that God doesn’t want us to carry.  If we can’t because we are already used to carry them, God will help us unload it.  For most of us, it will surely be a painful process but we should not be too hard to ourselves if we fail along the way.  Our failures toward meeting God’s requirements and of not immediately unloading what God wants us to go were not counted.  It is our willingness to recognize our failures and learn from it and our eagerness to continue the journey despite of pain and overcoming our inner selves.  That is why God give us a lot of time to finish it but we have to spend our time very wisely.  Of course, we can pause but we should not stop.  When we rest, we know that we still have a goal to accomplish.  When we stop, we already don’t have plans to finish what we have started.  But the most important thing we should ask ourselves is, HOW TO START THE JOURNEY?

Let us take the courage to make a step and start walking with Him.  And once we started, keep in mind that the goal is to continue walking until the end.  Remember, God is with us in the starting line, in the finish line and in between those lines.  Start walking, continue moving, He is waiting.

Source: Neo Jeremiah Voice of the Young Prophet Newsletter March 11, 2018 issue.