As time goes by, the world demands a lot from us. Each generation woke up with certain demands to comply with regards to sustaining what the world requires and the society dictates. No one is exempted to the contagious hypocrisy present among people. Say, we educate ourselves but we don’t even practice what we have learned. That is the purpose of distinguishing ourselves from the other or simply, that is what the world requires. We have forgotten our purpose as followers of Christ. We have been too busy molding ourselves as what the world wants us to be instead of letting God transforms us to what and how should a Christian live. We devote most of our times on serving our earthly masters, possessions, status in the society, etc., instead of serving God most of our time for He is the source of all these things. We somehow as much as possible want to please the people around us, where in fact, it is God whom we should please the most.

No one is above or below the other because we are all called Christian. We should think that there is a God who sees everything we do, not a world who judges us. We help others because they needed it, not for the purpose of being called generous and merciful. We humble ourselves because we acknowledge that what we all have come from Him, not because we don’t want the world to know about it. We should teach others because God give us knowledge for us to share, not to show that we know almost everything. We should love one another because we are all brothers and sisters in Christ, not because we are afraid to have enemies.

There are a lot of things that we can do without the world’s confirmation but fail to do. Because we have been too focused on the what the world thinks, not on what God wants us to do – our purpose. Yes, we are all work-in-progress but being called a Christian is too precious. We have to carry on what a Christian life should be until the end of time. Because what is the point of considering ourselves as Christians, if it doesn’t even manifest in us? It is good to say beautiful words, but it is always better to say beautiful words accompanied with beautiful deeds.

Source: Neo Jeremiah Voice of the Young Prophet Newsletter (November 5, 2017 issue)