There is something beautiful about all the lights that we now see around us in our home and in the streets. As they shine and sparkle, it catches our eyes and get our attention. However, more than anything else as the journey of Advent continues, as we prepare the coming of Christ, there is an invitation of open heart, conversion and to welcome the Son of God.

Beginnings are important. The sense of excitement hearing the words “The beginning of the gospel of Jesus Christ the Son of God”, with that excitement one of the most deeply felt need is hope. The beginning of Mark’s gospel proclaims Good News; a time of the Lord coming presence. We await the coming of the Lord in glory. Perhaps we need to look at the Advent Season as a time to begin to hear the Good News again for the first time.

On this second Sunday of Advent we continue our preparations for the coming of Jesus, a special time to prepare with deep gratitude. On our nothingness and unworthiness, we are invited to reflect and examine ourselves to see the place of God in our lives. We should acknowledge the inner wilderness that sometimes it can take us away from God. An important aspect of our Advent journey is acknowledging our sins and shortcomings. Repent that we can do nothing apart from God. All our repentance will have a meaning only because God gives them meaning. Let us examine ourselves and need to hear the challenging call of John the Baptist. We need to open our hearts to further conversion and humility. Similarly, “A voice of one crying out in the desert” we all need the voice of God speaking to our lives.

We all need a voice to confront us with our sinfulness and a voice telling us to prepare for the coming of Jesus Christ in our lives. When we show real love, mercy, kindness spirit of forgiveness, the truth is that Christ is with us.

At this time when we are preparing our body, mind, hearts and soul for the coming of Christ. We are also called to prepare to encounter Jesus. We are to open our hearts to receive Him. The gospel for today shows another element of joy – the joy that comes with God’s forgiveness. John the Baptist call us to repent and the desire to be reconciled and to find peace with God, others and ourselves. A humble and persevering prayer of gratitude prepares the way for the gift of joy – the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ.

Source: Neo Jeremiah Voice of the Young Prophet (December 10, 2017 issue)