I have been always chasing my dreams since I started to learn how to dream.  As much as possible, I comply with what the world is asking me.  I’m so aggressive in meeting my goals in life which if not attained, I end up disappointed.  I even pressure myself of things that need to get done.  In short, I have been too hard on myself when in fact; no one is pressuring me at all.

I just realized that I wasted a lot of time regretting of what I could’ve done in the past, thinking about how my future should be, which I forget what is happening in the present.  But, I learned that even I don’t regret, overthink and enjoy the moment, it is still useless if God wasn’t the reason of it all.  I have been too hard on myself on how to live a life, but forget to ask God: “HOW SHOULD I LIVE MY LIFE?”

Good thing I realized and found out that it’s not too late for me to ask (even YOU) because when I ask Him, He immediately answered and I just feel so blessed. He answers it with every word in the Gospel.  He let me understand it by putting me into real encounter in my day- to – day life while echoing His words in my heart and mind.  He sends people whom I can grow my faith (in Him) with.  Always help me in carrying out what I’ve learned. And He always made me feel loved and unceasingly remind me of how wonderful if it to be with Him.

So, what could I ask for? If to follow and be with Him is everything, why should I not live the life He wants to? A life that is simple and worthy to honor Him.  In the first place, my life is His gift anyway.  I should treasure it the way he wants it to be treasured.  Yes, I have a life, but I learned what matters most is a life with Him after death.

Source: Neo Jeremiah Voice of the Young Prophet March 18, 2018 issue.