It has been a while since I started reading and reflecting the word of God in scriptures. To learn about the gospel is indeed an honour especially that I get to understand the exegesis of God’s words from the priests themselves in our bible study sessions. And whenever I hear the Word, something in me has always been transformed.

In today’s gospel, we saw how powerful God’s word is, that even the unclean spirit obey it. Jesus rebuked the evil from a man and made this evil spirit come out of his body. The unclean spirit knew and feared the power of Jesus to destroy his influence. Hence, the word of God is mighty as it is.

So when I think about imparting beautiful words that can make a positive influence, it is solely God’s word that I need to share. Before, I tend to consider either words that are good to the ears or words that are pleasing to people. However, because of the gospel, I then realized that my options are wrong. I should not speak about the words of own but rather the word of the Lord. The words that can transform, clean and purify all people.

I guess I can now explain why something in me is amazingly changing since I started attending our bible study sessions; perhaps that is the Word in the scriptures that I meditate on, taking its effect in me. My faith has been tested and more deepened now.

May you also make time to discover and learn more the Word of the Lord.

Imagine how peaceful our life can be if it is the Word of God that we speak about and believe in. Though there may be evil here on earth, they can be shaken by God’s mighty words-the words that we need to conquer the world.

~ Olive

Source: Neo Jeremiah Voice of the Young Prophet January 28, 2018 issue.