Neo Jeremiah: Voice of the Young Prophet

Neo Jeremiah is a (1) weekly publication and (2) a group of young people who meet weekly to study and reflect on Sunday readings and gospels.

The publication started and the group was formed in January 2001 on Epiphany Sunday. It was founded by a priest belonging to the Order of the Servants of Mary (OSM).

Through the years, members have come and gone but in total, ~50 individuals have been part of the team. These young individuals in their own time have been active at the St Peregrine Laziosi Parish  ‐ Muntinlupa, serving not only as young prophets as they were fondly considered by the team’s early spiritual directors but also as Animators, Cathechists, Lectors, and Commentators. Members have recognized that their participation in the team had, if not, continues to be instrumental in their formation as Christians, responsible individuals, and upright citizens.

It is a noble and remarkable legacy NeoJ spiritual directors – past and present – are imparting to the youth of our Parish as they continue to assist them in their spiritual growth. They fulfill their priestly responsibilities to these young people, who in turn fulfill theirs as they impart the good news to their families and friends, and even to the juvenile delinquents they visit weekly at the National Bilibid Prison.

This is a testament to how God is working through and among his people!


neo-jeremiahWe are inviting young parishioners to join us in our Bible study and sharing sessions
every Sunday @ 4:00 PM
at the Parish Hall

For more information,
you may contact us:

Globe: 0927-323-6150
Sun: 0932-487-3188
Smart: 0998-854-4091

Reflections by Team Neo Jeremiah

Faith in God and His Church

The world has a lot to offer.  We are often confused by the different choices around us.  We are lucky if we were able to choose the right over wrong.  Or luckier if we really know what is right in the first place.  As we continue living in this world, we are lured...

Every Time I Pray ~ Transfiguration of the Lord

There are times when I feel low and when my circumstances in life are bathed with darkness that to get myself out of such state, I have to go in deep prayer and let the Holy Spirit to take full control and allow me to re-energize the good times and high moments I have...

Deep Within

Today, our Gospel passage is helping us to look inside us, to find something hidden in there.  The kingdom of Heaven is like a hidden treasure…, is like a merchant searching out pearls with a great price…., is like a net full of fish.  What is the greatest treasure in...

Let them grow together until harvest

When I think about the bad things that happen to good people, it is very easy to wish ill against those responsible. and when there is loss of life involved, how I wish the bad people would just disappear! This, to me, is a typical human response. On the other hand,...

Binhi ~ Matthew 13:1-23

Karamihan sa atin ay may mga taniman o “garden”. Lahat tayo, maalam man sa pagtatanim o hindi ay may ideya sa pagpupunla ng mga binhi. Alam nating lahat na hindi lahat ng naipupunla ay uusbong bilang isang mabungang pananim. Ang ibang binhi ay maaaring hindi na nga...

Humble heart that beats for God

It is easy to praise God when everything is going right while difficult when things are going wrong.  We forget to thank God when everything is doing well but we beg for help when we are in trouble. Why can’t we thank, praise, seek and think of God all the time,...

Demand and Reward

I find it amazing that the Scripture can challenge us in just a few brief words.  Today’s gospel brings to a close the so called missionary discourse in which Jesus instructs his disciples on what it actually means to be a disciple. Jesus speaks of the sacrifice...

After Thought ~ 12th Sunday in Ordinary Time

Our pilgrimage as a church has, in the past weeks, taken us from Easter through Pentecost, the Solemnity of the Holy Trinity, and just a week ago, to the Solemnity of the Body and Blood of Christ.  To me, these celebrations remind us of the dignity that we do not...

The Words of Eternal Life – Corpus Christi Sunday

I started being involved in the church when I was in elementary.  I was invited by some elder sisters and people who happened to be catechists and servants then.  I remember how fascinated I was in attending masses, choir rehearsals and parochial events.  At a young...

The Blessed Trinity in You and Me

For more than three decades, I keep on doing the sign of the cross because I was born Catholic.  When I asked why three divine persons, it was explained in a way that I still cannot grasp.  All because it is a mystery meant to be taken into heart by faith.  And when...

Prayers to St. Peregrine


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