Neo Jeremiah: Voice of the Young Prophet

Neo Jeremiah is a (1) weekly publication and (2) a group of young people who meet weekly to study and reflect on Sunday readings and gospels.

The publication started and the group was formed in January 2001 on Epiphany Sunday. It was founded by a priest belonging to the Order of the Servants of Mary (OSM).

Through the years, members have come and gone but in total, ~50 individuals have been part of the team. These young individuals in their own time have been active at the St Peregrine Laziosi Parish  ‐ Muntinlupa, serving not only as young prophets as they were fondly considered by the team’s early spiritual directors but also as Animators, Cathechists, Lectors, and Commentators. Members have recognized that their participation in the team had, if not, continues to be instrumental in their formation as Christians, responsible individuals, and upright citizens.

It is a noble and remarkable legacy NeoJ spiritual directors – past and present – are imparting to the youth of our Parish as they continue to assist them in their spiritual growth. They fulfill their priestly responsibilities to these young people, who in turn fulfill theirs as they impart the good news to their families and friends, and even to the juvenile delinquents they visit weekly at the National Bilibid Prison.

This is a testament to how God is working through and among his people!


neo-jeremiahWe are inviting young parishioners to join us in our Bible study and sharing sessions
every Sunday @ 4:00 PM
at the Parish Hall

For more information,
you may contact us:

Globe: 0927-323-6150
Sun: 0932-487-3188
Smart: 0998-854-4091

Reflections by Team Neo Jeremiah

“Child at Heart” ~ Feast of the Sto. Niño

We are all born innocent, with pure heart.  But growing up, we learn from our experiences.  We acquire knowledge as much as possible.  We possess things that the world offers.  The purity was replaced by all of these which make difficult for us to let go of the things...

“Come and See” 2nd Sunday in Ordinary Time

I have been serving as a choir member for more than a decade now. Our group, Laziosi Minstrels, has been singing in this shrine since we were in childhood. Some members left, others seldom attend, but there are still a few of us who remain. We, the remaining pioneers,...

“A Beautiful Offering”

Year 2017 was my most challenging year. I may say it was the year I had my worst heartbreak, my most financially trying year, and the year where I came to terms with my spirituality. It was this place in time where I felt God taking me in different directions. Only to...

“Trusting God: Doing His Will” 4th Sunday of Advent

Epistemologically, it is believed that we are born without built-in mental content and that therefore all knowledge comes from experience or perception. Simply saying, our minds were empty at first. Then every second, it is filled by what we experienced and perceived....

“Juan, Juan din ba ang Pangalan Mo?” Third Sunday of Advent

Juan, John, Johann Ano ba ang ibig sabihin ng iyong ngalan? Iyong ngalan napabantog sa pagbibinyag ng mga tao Sa Betanya at kay Kristo. Ngunit sino ka bang talaga? Itinanong sa iyo kung ikaw ang Mesiyas O ang Propeta na si Elias? Ngunit matapat mong itinugon na di...

“It’s Beginning” 2nd Sunday of Advent

There is something beautiful about all the lights that we now see around us in our home and in the streets. As they shine and sparkle, it catches our eyes and get our attention. However, more than anything else as the journey of Advent continues, as we prepare the...

“Of Growing Old and Dying Young” 1st Sunday of Advent

I have been always envious of Peter Pan; have always wanted to be like him - never growing old, always free from the worries and cares of the world. And the best part is - to always be living by the day in pure wonder in Neverland. Wishful thinking, I know. We don't...

“Fidelity in Small Matters” 33rd Sunday in Ordinary Time

Human beings are the most valuable creation that the Lord made. Every human is equipped with all the necessary abilities to improve the world and be people of greatness and success. As the best creatures, we are given different capacities, functions and skills and talents to grow and give back more of what we have to the creator.

“Are You Ready?” 32nd Sunday in Ordinary Time

Many of us have experienced the overwhelming excitement as we approach and wait for any big events in our lives and the amount of uncontrollable emotions that we feel whenever a special occasion is coming. Waiting is full of excitement, eager anticipation and...

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