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“Are You Ready?” 32nd Sunday in Ordinary Time

Many of us have experienced the overwhelming excitement as we approach and wait for any big events in our lives and the amount of uncontrollable emotions that we feel whenever a special occasion is coming. Waiting is full of excitement, eager anticipation and...

A Christian

Each individual has different job titles, functions and responsibilities. May it be an accountant, doctor, manager, secretary, priest, teacher, daughter, son, parent, that sort of thing. Everyone of us is entitled to act accordingly to our titles and do our duty based...

Follower of Christ in Words and in Deeds

As time goes by, the world demands a lot from us. Each generation woke up with certain demands to comply with regards to sustaining what the world requires and the society dictates. No one is exempted to the contagious hypocrisy present among people. Say, we educate...

After Thought ~ 30th Sunday in Ordinary Time

In the Jewish tradition, there are 613 commandments. In today's gospel, it was the intention of the Pharisee to test Jesus in asking Him what the greatest is among these. Perhaps, in the the mind of the scribe, if Jesus would single out a commandment, the importance...

To Whom We Belong

Jesus Christ is the master of every situation. He recognizes hypocrisy and exposes with the light of truth. Jesus steadfastly faces his enemies courageously, knowing well what they seek and taking their challenge and beating them on their own game. We, as Christians,...

We are Instruments to Transforming the World

As an educator, I am well aware how influential my profession is. And as I impart knowledge to my students, all the more I feel how helpful I can be to the lives of these people. Outside the four walls of the classroom, however my confidence to engage in the society...

Save the Date. You are Invited! MT 22:1-14

I have been  into many weddings and being invited  is such a great pleasure.  Everybody is prepared, well-dressed and all the emotions are extremely present. The life that we have is a journey of relationship.  In many forms or ways, we engage ourselves with God's...

Consistency of Yeses and Noes ~ 26th Sunday in Ordinary Time

God give us freedom to choose what our hearts desire.  But His words teach us to distinguish good from evil.  But His words teach us to distinguish good from evil.  We are always given the opportunity to do what is good, right and just.  We have the capacity to stay...

Heart of Generosity – Matthew 20:1-16

One of the things that strikes me about the gospel passage is how easy it is for me to put myself in the place of the workers who were, at first, felt insignificant to the vineyard owner and easily judge by others. Indeed, it is difficult to put myself in the...

Nature of Forgiveness

It has never been easy for most us to easily forgive the people who mistreated us, betrayed us, sinned against us or in other possible way, hurt us- intentionally or unintentionally. We ask ourselves why someone can possibly do something which is against and...

Conflict Resolution

Brokenness that needs healing first with our unconditional open heart in honest conversations with the one who hurts us.  Our hope must be for restoration to wholeness of the person who hurt and harmed us otherwise their wound remains both in them and us.  Truth and...

Banns of Ordination

Banns of Ordination

Prayers to St. Peregrine


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    November 19 @ 6:00 pm - 8:00 pm

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    November 25 @ 5:00 am - 10:00 am

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    December 2 @ 3:30 pm - 9:00 pm

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    December 8 @ 9:00 am - 11:30 am

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