For more than three decades, I keep on doing the sign of the cross because I was born Catholic.  When I asked why three divine persons, it was explained in a way that I still cannot grasp.  All because it is a mystery meant to be taken into heart by faith.  And when it comes to faith I have no more questions to ask.  That is how I see it until the day of our bible study came.  I was coming from a bad day at work.  I was angered by my boss’ decision, making style to not discuss a matter to me before giving her final recommendation.  And the consequence is me dealing with the ugly nitty-gritty details of the issue after.  I was angered.  For the nth time, I am dealing with the same issue with her.  Why does she have to be indifferent to me at work?  This thought bagged and hurt me while in transit to our bible study.  Enlightening as all bible studies are to me, this night was different.  I came home with far more answers to my question.  I came home with a resolve.  You see, it is never enough that we realize things.  They should always be accompanied by actions.  The gospel today is talking about God’s love for us.  After a decade or so in serving the Lord, I have come to finally understand what the mystery of the Blessed Trinity behind the sign of the cross really is.  What a one God in three divine persons actually meant.  The mystery is not meant to be solved, but meant to be lived.  The three divine persons share a loving relationship with each other.  And it was more felt by us when God the Father gave up His only Son to die for our sins, when God the Son obediently followed the decision of His Father even until it hurts and the fruit of their love for each other is the Holy Spirit, our advocate when Jesus ascended and came home to His Father in heaven.  A loving relationship has always united the One God we worship and adore.

The challenge lies on how we can manifest in our lives this mystery of our faith which also happens to be the backbone of our Catholic faith.  Days after the bible study, I tried to be ‘loving’ towards my boss.  This resulted in me being more understanding to the situation, be a team player, instead, and not be defeated by anger and indifference.  Our God is God of unity and peace.  In this time of conflicts, when terrorism has filled us with fear and the presence of constant attacks to our faith – Love – to love and be united in the midst of indifference and physical and emotional wars, in our workplace, in our families and in the world. And like the WYD ’95 theme song, may all of us heed the challenge of the Blessed Trinity by telling the world of His love by being love ourselves.

~Myra Remigio


Source: Neo Jeremiah Voice of the Young Prophet ~ June 11, 2017 (Trinity Sunday) issue.