Epistemologically, it is believed that we are born without built-in mental content and that therefore all knowledge comes from experience or perception. Simply saying, our minds were empty at first. Then every second, it is filled by what we experienced and perceived. So, I came to realize, what if right from the start what we only just experienced and perceived is all about God – everything about Him?

Living on this planet is never easy. It’s noise, standards and norms, trends and all other bases which will end up on how materialistic this world is. So, what if all these earthly things were never existed in the first place?

Living a life with God is not only easy and happy but also rewarding. He is a great provider. He will not only provide our daily needs but also eternal life after death. So why should we not empty ourselves and let be filled by Him, nothing but only Him. Let us be like Mary who never dreamed of anything but only to do the Will of God. Yes, it may be difficult because as humans, we tend to question almost everything that is happening to us, most especially if it’s bad. So, it is really important to know God above all. Because once we already knew Him, everything about Him, surely, I can say that we will never be questioning the things that had happened and happening to us.

Now, are you still going to let the world dictates on what you should do to your life? Are you still more into complying the world’s requirements? Are you still be questioning what is going on with your life?

I hope that we all have the same answer. Because our journey in this world is totally different from a life-lived with God. It may be difficult, but with the grace coming from our Lord Jesus, trusting Him will be easy just like what Mary did. All we just have to do is know His will, do our part and let Him take all the rest. Because what’s the point of riding a plane with Him if you don’t want Him to be your pilot? We should let Him direct and take us to the beautiful destination He already prepared.

May we all know Him fully, know our purpose, understand His will, do as we commanded ad to fully trust Him until the end of our journey. God be with us all!

Source: Neo Jeremiah Voice of the Young Prophet – December 24, 2017 issue.