September 2, 2018 ~ Carol Caoile. On July 24, 2018, three members of Regnum Mariae Secular Institute in the Philippines, travelled to Italy. Carolina I. Caoile, Benilda Amarillo and Rossana Morilla were part of the delegation to attend the International General Assembly 2018 of Regnum Mariae Secular Institute on July 27-August 6, 2018 held at the Instituto Salesiano, Loreto, Italy. The Assembly was composed of 27 participants coming from Italy, Mexico, United States, Uganda and Philippines.

Among the highlights of the 10-day gathering were:

  1. The 4-year term report of the Elder Sister and General Council, General Sister-in-Charge of Formation, General Secretary and General Treasurer. Several reactions, comments, clarifications and proposals were raised after each report.
  2. Election of the new Elder Sister and Central Council was were held with the presence of Bishop Angelo Spina of Ancona, Italy. Elected for the next 4-year term (2018-2022) were as follows:
    • Elder Sister – Margherita Palazzi (Italy)
    • Council – Esther Buenfil (Italy)
    • Rosa Oregel (USA)
    • Maria Loreta Scialpi (Italy)
    • Donatella Bargnesi (Italy)

Fr. Giovanni M. Sperman, OSM was voted unanimously to continue as Spiritual Assistant of the Institute and Fr Benito Isip, OSM, to be invited by the group in some occasions.

  1. A Dominican Monk, Fr Gianni Giacomelli gave an interesting talk on “Being Secular Institute in a Changing World”, while Barbara Pandolfi from Missionaries Regality of Christ also spoke on the Formation within a Secular Institute in different parts of the World.
  2. 50th Anniversaries of Guglielmina Massacci, Eligia Flamini and Margherita Palazzi in the Regnum Mariae. Several Servite Friars attended the Eucharistic Celebration and Lunch, as a get together of Servite Family.
    • Perpetual Vow of Rosa Oregel (USA)
    • Vow of Evangelical Counsels of Elisa Nogara (Italy)
    • Renewal of Vows of RM Italy, Mexico, Uganda and Philippines.
  3. Creation of Commissions to discuss and evaluate the last 4-year term activities and draw some proposals for the new expectations and perspectives. Carol and Rossana were with the Commission on Formation, Benilda with Commission on Economy. Other groups were Commission on Charism and Vocation and Commission on Amendments to Practical Norms. At the end of the meeting, proposals of each Commissions were approved by the members of the Assembly.

It was a very spirit filled and fruitful meeting, the participants hope to accomplish what was approved by the Assembly with the Lord’s guidance and Blessing with the company of the Blessed Mother Mary.