Our pilgrimage as a church has, in the past weeks, taken us from Easter through Pentecost, the Solemnity of the Holy Trinity, and just a week ago, to the Solemnity of the Body and Blood of Christ.  To me, these celebrations remind us of the dignity that we do not deserve but regained, because God who is love willed so.  And if we had faithfully and consistently participated in the Eucharistic celebrations in these weeks, I strongly believe we’d received grace so important in the building up of the church.  Just before Jesus ascended to the Father, he gave each of us an important mission, that is, to spread to all nations the faith in Jesus and baptism in the name of the Holy Trinity.  Through God’s action in our lives, we are continually equipped for this mission, particularly when we hear His word and receive His body in the celebration of the Holy Eucharist.  Although many of us who were baptized in the Catholic faith attend mass every Sunday, we still need to grow in the awareness of the great mission that we received from Christ Himself and truly live it out every day.  That sense of mission ought to deepen our desire to contribute to the building up of the church, that is, to bring more people to Jesus.  Some would probably say that it is almost impossible, considering that just changing our ways is already too difficult.  May the life of St. Paul inspire us- – true conversion leads to mission!  Let us put our trust in Jesus, who makes it possible!  God will grant us graces to carry out our mission, but our hearts should be open and willingness. The decision is ours.  Too often though, we are afraid, hesitant, unsure.  We often just play it safe.  We are afraid of standing up for our faith.  We allow challenges, trials, and persecutions hinder us from showing who we are (Catholics!) and who we believe in (Jesus Christ!) Yet today’s gospel inspires us to take courage and to keep in mind three things:

  1. Jesus is the truth.  Who we believe in is true!
  2. Be wary of the devices and attacks of the devil.  Defend what nourishes and saves the soul (not only yours but other’s too!)
  3. God knows you and loves you.  God will take care of you as you carry out His mission.

We have our individual problems to tackle and the world issues presses on us, too.  With today’s realities, we have also reached, unprecedented levels of busyness.  Through it all, may we set out our minds on things of heaven and become even more persevering in professing our faith – despite our own fears and despite ridicule, indifference, and mockery that comes from others. Also, as followers of Jesus Christ, we cannot allow others – especially those closest to us – to lose God in their lives.  We cannot give up on them.  With courage, let us take others with us as we journey to God.

Source: Neo Jeremiah Voice of the Young Prophet June 25, 2017 issue