Walang mayaman na hindi nangangailangan. Walang mahirap na hindi kayang magbigay. May taong mahirap pero mayaman. May taong mayaman pero salat. Sa taong greedy o sakim, ang salitang “enough” does not exist. Greediness is like drinking salty water; the more you drink of it the greater that the thirst intensifies.

In Christian discipleship, the Lord Jesus reminded and warned those around him of all forms of greediness. Yes, one may be rich materially, yet starving to death in the eyes of God. The story of the “rich fool” in the gospel is presented not just to warn us but to show us the reality about life in this world. How many people have wasted their lives, talents, energy and time just to get what they wanted, but end up being disappointed and prostrated. No contentment. No satisfaction. Others end up being obsessed and addicted to it. These are the proofs that an infinite human longing can never be quenched by finite solution. The one who is infinite is the only one ·who can quench our infinite human thirst: God. God is the true and infinite richness. Worldly things cannot bring us to God, faith does.

Ang taong nabanggit sa ebanghelyo ay tunay na mayaman sapagkat labis-labis na ang kanyang ani. Hindi na magkasya sa kamalig o barns. Nginit sa kabilang banda, siya ay tinawag din ni Jesus na “hangal’·. “Mayaman, pero “hangal” Bakit ganon? Diba kaya yumayaman ang isang tao dahil siya ay magaling at matalino? Ngunit ang tanong, anong uri ng talino ay maroon siya? Ang taong mayaman sa ebanghelyo ay “hangal” sapagkat sa kayamanan niya ipinagkatiwala ang kanyang buhay. Tungay nga na siya ay “hangal”. Maraming tao, though mayaman, pero hangal.

Uso ngayon ang tinatawag na “investment”. Kaliwa kanan ang “pamumuhunan”. We have witness the rapid construction of infrastructures everywhere in the name of worldly progress and development even at the expense of those least ones. Some multi-billionaire companies or corporations construct buildings that reach as high as the sky, not as a sign of faith and reverence to God, but as sign of protest, pride and arrogance toward Him. To appear that the project is for the good of many, some bribe God under the guise of charity. There are also group of people who used the “rainbow” as flag to present their identity not knowing that “rainbow” is a sign of God’s faithfulness and everlasting covenant with Moses and not as sign of arrogance and pride. Foolishness is everywhere.

Saan nga ba aabot ang “yabang” o ang yaman ng tao? Maraming tao ngayon their pride and arrogance are as high as the sky. Yet when we die, both billionaires and scavengers alike will end up in a coffin. Our body will reach as low as six feet below the ground.

Bilang mga tagasunod ng ating Panginoong Jesus, pinapaalalahanan tayo na h’wag mahumaling sa kayamanang panglupa. Bagkos, mag-impok tayo ng kayamanang makalangit. Money is not bad per se. How the way we use money makes us bad. Material goods are important. However they are not eternal ones. If material goods are important to sustain our temporal needs; eternal goods are far more important which bring us eternal life. Seek therefore what is eternal. Seek God first before goods. And when needed use the goods in order to find God not use God to find goods. Amen.

A reflection by Rev Fr Edgar Ma. Benedi-an, OSM from the August 3rd issue of the Neo Jeremiah Voice of the Young Prophet Newsletter of the St. Peregrine Laziosi Diocesan Shrine.