Isn’t it nice when someone remembers your name or when you are called by your name and the fact that knows something about you definitely cares for you? Today, we heard Jesus speak words that give us that kind of warm feeling that we have when someone knows your name, cares for us, interested in what is happening in our lives, empathizes and encourages us. Jesus tells us about the very personal and intimate relationship with us.

As I reflect on today’s gospel, I see that every facet of sheep’s life was important to the shepherd. It is a beautiful picture of a shepherd and his sheep. How the sheep follow their shepherd wherever he goes. How the shepherd knows their leader. How the sheep listen and recognizes the voice of the shepherd. How the shepherd knows the sheep individually. So intimate the relationship of the shepherd and flock that they would recognize the voice of the shepherd calling them by name. I often thought what a wonderful reminder it was of our God, Jesus Christ and us. God, who know our name, loves us and leads us where we sometimes do not want to go yet wait on us with divine patience and love. The image of good shepherd is one of love, care, protection, intimacy and closeness. Jesus in the gospel wants us to know with certainty that each one of us is a unique gift. Like His sheep, we come to know the sound of our shepherd’s voice and we share in an intimate relationship that continues to grow. Jesus the Good Shepherd presents us with an image of compassion, love and care – whom we can trust and have confidence.

The Father watches over all creatures. His love has no limit. He watches over each of His children with equal care. All that He desires is that we go to Him., in Christ, in order that we too might be one with Him. Listening to the voice of God, in the deep recesses of our soul, in today’s noisy and busy world perhaps is a challenge, however, one that is worth the effort. What a wonderful gift we have been given to be in relationship with our God. We are a beloved child of God and unconditionally loved. Amen.

– m,jdm

Source: Neo Jeremiah Voice of the Young Prophet Newsletter – May 12, 2019 issue.