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January 15 – Blessed James da Villa, Almsgiver

Blessed James was born in Citta’ della Pieve, in central Italy, about 1270. trained in law, he became a defender of the poor and oppressed. At his own expense he restored a church and hospice outside the gate of Vecciano, where he cared for the poor and sick with great love.

When in 1304 James defended the rights of the poor he incurred the hatred of a powerful man who then had him killed. The townspeople gave him the title of “Almsgiver”, and in 1806, Pope Pius VII approved his cult.

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January 12 – Saint Antonio Maria Pucci

Anthony Pucci was born in 1819 at Poggiole, in the diocese of Pistoia, Italy. He entered the Servite Order at the age of eighteen. After his ordination to the priesthood he was sent to Viareggio where he was soon made pastor, an office he held for forty-five years, until hi death. As prior provincial of the Tuscan Province he preferred to be regarded as a brother in the service of others rather than as a superior. He gave himself totally to the service of God and parishioners, especially the needy. He died on January 12, 1892. In 1962 Pope John XXIII added his name to the list of saints. He died at Orvieto about 1315 and his cult was officially confirmed by Pius VII in 1822.

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December 15 Blessed Bonaventure of Pistoia

Bonaventura was born in Pistoia, Italy, about 1250. Inspired to lead a holy life by the example of St. Philip, he entered the Servite Order and was ordained a priest. As prior he showed great understanding and wisdom in directing the affair of the monastery. While he was prior of the monastery of Montepulciano he received the profession of St. Agnes, a young woman of that town, and helped her found a convent for cloistered Dominican nuns.

He died at Orvieto about 1315 and his cult was officially confirmed by Pius VII in 1822.

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