Let’s be honest. Today’s gospel is hard to swallow. How can we not care about worldly matters when each day that we live in is another day of struggle in paying bills, buying food and other expenses? It’s just truly hard not to. Jesus made a tough call in today’s gospel. He’s not even afraid of calling the man a ‘fool’ for he is speaking the truth. Because Jesus knew deep inside what the rich man’s thoughts were. He had thoughts of this world. This man is talking face to face with Jesus, the provider of everything, yet his thoughts remain fixated on gaining the inheritance. How many times have we done the same thing when speaking with the Lord?

I am very much guilty of this act. I just graduated this last month, and have been actively looking for a job. We all know that job hunting is very tiring and the process puts you in so much anxiety while waiting for an offer. I found myself repeatedly praying to God to get a job that would pay me well. I have been talking to the Lord non-stop about my needs before I realized how much I lacked faith. I have forgotten that prayer means surrender. I just kept talking to God, and not surrendering to Him. I was so fixated on gaming worldly matters that I’ve forgotten I was talking to the one who has already conquered the world. I felt the same ‘fool’ in today’s gospel.

Jesus spoke the truth. And truth, indeed, hurts. If you, like me, have been rebuked the same by today’s gospel, know that it’s not a bad thing. The word of God cuts and exposes the heart. So if you’re hurt, then the word is definitely working in you. It is the first step towards purification. It is God’s grace that He’s calling us out on our mistakes that we may come to Him and be changed. After all, the reason we’re still here on earth is because we remain a work in progress. Today, brothers and sisters, let’s accept the Lord’s grace in our hearts and confess our mistakes of chasing after the world. In prayer, let’s be fully present in Him and surrender to Him all our needs. By doing this, we can loosen our grip on this world and strengthen our grip to the Lord.

A reflection by Blessy from the August 3rd issue of the Neo Jeremiah Voice of the Young Prophet Newsletter of the St. Peregrine Laziosi Diocesan Shrine.