When asked about my life goals, I tend not to fully state what I want to do, or I want to achieve.  I guess my plans in life are far from what I should be really aiming for.

Today, this gospel reminds me of the mission I am entrusted with : “go to the whole world and proclaim the gospel to every creature” (Mk 16:15).

Though I am very well aware of this calling to bear fruit in faith, it is still a struggle for me to act on it.  I am not sure whether I have even started doing things that led people to know God, but I know it is never too late for me to proclaim who Jesus is.

I am relieved from the thought that since I am only one of the many Christians in this world, I am not alone in this mission.  If my weaknesses attack me, I know I have the Holy Sprit’s backing.  If my effort seems insufficient, God will manifest the signs to let people believe.  And if I feel unworthy of myself, I know that I am equipped and will always be qualified in the eyes of God.

So in this world full of goals, I guess it is about time to go after what the real life goal is, that is, proclaim the gospel-to not be afraid of today’s trouble but rather be in charge of bringing peace and trust that there is God who is omnipotent to renew us, this world, and our spirits.

God needs us to fulfill His mission.  He believes in you.  He believes in us.  God’s trust in us is more than enough.  So may we altogether communicate who the resurrected Christ is to the world and let God reveal Himself to us in this journey of faith.

Source: Neo Jeremiah Voice of the Young Prophet May 13, 2018 issue.