April 6, 2019 ~ St. Peregrine Laziosi Diocesan Shrine/ Jasper Christian Gambito. The Sacrament of Penance and Reconciliation is among the seven (7) sacraments instituted by Christ and is practiced by the Holy Mother Church. On April 5, 2019, a mass confession or kumpisalang-bayan was done at the St. Peregrine Laziosi Diocesan Shrine. Several priests were at the shrine to hear confessions from the faithful, enabling them to be reconciled to God’s friendship. On this time of the year when we prepare ourselves to Christ’s Paschal mystery, it would be ideal to repent our sins and to amend our lives so as to make ourselves worthy to the graces bestowed by God.

Confession is referred to as a sacrament which is deeply intertwined with humility because it is in full humility that we confide our sins to a priest so as to acknowledge our errors and hope for the mercy of God. We want to convert our lives which had been strayed due to the sins we made which offended God.  We ask for God’s pardon and peace through the priest’s sacramental absolution. We then do penance as part of the reparation for our sins, and most of all we amend our lives so as to become fully reconciled with God.

All of us commit sins, errors, and mistakes. Every time we commit sins, we offend God. Also, even the slightest blemish of sin would make us unworthy to see Him face to face in heaven. However, Christ Himself instituted the Sacrament of Penance and Reconciliation so that, unworthy beings as we are, we may become worthy to receive His grace and friendship. The Holy Mother Church makes this sacrament available to all the faithful so that we may have the opportunity to purify our sins and make us worthy to be counted as members of God’s Kingdom. Although this opportunity is highlighted in the recently held kumpisalang bayan, confession is available everyday at the shrine from Mondays to Fridays before the 6:30PM mass. Don’t miss the chance to reestablish good relations with Christ. He extends His hands of mercy towards us. It is up to us if we are going to grab it, or if we are going to let go of it.