I have been serving as a choir member for more than a decade now. Our group, Laziosi Minstrels, has been singing in this shrine since we were in childhood. Some members left, others seldom attend, but there are still a few of us who remain. We, the remaining pioneers, have seen the Lord’s hands move in each member, and witnessed the beauty of serving. We are encouraging our young ones to keep singing not because they are the future of the group, but rather, to draw them closer to the Lord through our Sunday service.

We are all called for discipleship. Although, as human beings, we think that we can completely make other people believe in God, forgetting that it is only God who can do it, not us. Sometimes, we feel disappointed that after showing people the path they can take to see the good, they will still choose not to abide and soon go back to their old ways. Thus, we have to remind ourselves that our main mission is to bring people to Him; whether they will stay or not is not in our hands anymore.

In discipleship, I learned that it is not about us making others believe in God; but it is about us leading others closer to God so they can come to God, see God, and believe in God. If they come, they will see. And what they will see depend on their personal openness to welcome God in their lives and the relationship they have with Him.

I have come to serve and I have seen God in many ways. I am influencing others to see the good through my voice in singing and writing. Have I been a disciple all along? Only the Lord can rightly assess, but I am certain that all of us are all called for discipleship, and part of our mission is to show who Jesus is to other people.

It all begins once we allow God to work in us. You may not be serving the church right now, but it doesn’t mean you cannot be a disciple.

Start by learning who God really is. Let the good be seen in you. You can also draw more people to God, when you allow God to move in you. Seek God in your life. Come and see.

Source: Neo Jeremiah Voice of the Young Prophet Newsletter January 14, 2018 issue.