May 20 2019 - Monday of the Fifth Week of EasterReading 1 ACTS 14:5-18There was an attempt in Iconiumby both the Gentiles and the Jews,together with their leaders,to attack and stone Paul and Barnabas.They realized it,and fled to the Lycaonian cities of Lystra and Derbeand to the surrounding countryside,where they continued to proclaim the Good News.
May 19 2019 - Fifth Sunday of EasterReading 1 ACTS 14:21-27After Paul and Barnabas had proclaimed the good newsto that cityand made a considerable number of disciples,they returned to Lystra and to Iconium and to Antioch.They strengthened the spirits of the disciplesand exhorted them to persevere in the faith, saying,“It is necessary for us to undergo many hardships
May 18 2019 - Saturday of the Fourth Week of EasterReading 1 ACTS 13:44-52On the following sabbathalmost the whole citygathered to hear the word of the Lord.When the Jews saw the crowds, they were filled with jealousyand with violent abuse contradicted what Paul said.Both Paul and Barnabas spoke out boldly and said,“It was necessary that the word of God be spoken to you first,
May 17 2019 - Friday of the Fourth Week of EasterReading 1 ACTS 13:26-33When Paul came to Antioch in Pisidia, he said in the synagogue:“My brothers, children of the family of Abraham,and those others among you who are God-fearing,to us this word of salvation has been sent.The inhabitants of Jerusalem and their leaders failed to recognize him,and by condemning him they fulfilled the oracles of the prophetsthat are read sabbath after sabbath.
May 16 2019 - Thursday of the Fourth Week of EasterReading 1 ACTS 13:13-25From Paphos, Paul and his companionsset sail and arrived at Perga in Pamphylia.But John left them and returned to Jerusalem.They continued on from Perga and reached Antioch in Pisidia.On the sabbath they entered into the synagogue and took their seats.After the reading of the law and the prophets,the synagogue officials sent word to them,
May 15 2019 - Wednesday of the Fourth Week of EasterReading 1 ACTS 12:24—13:5AThe word of God continued to spread and grow.After Barnabas and Saul completed their relief mission,they returned to Jerusalem,taking with them John, who is called Mark.Now there were in the Church at Antioch prophets and teachers:Barnabas, Symeon who was called Niger, Lucius of Cyrene,Manaen who was a close friend of Herod the tetrarch, and Saul.
May 14 2019 - Feast of Saint Matthias, ApostleReading 1 ACTS 1:15-17, 20-26Peter stood up in the midst of the brothers and sisters(there was a group of about one hundred and twenty personsin the one place).He said, “My brothers and sisters,the Scripture had to be fulfilledwhich the Holy Spirit spoke beforehandthrough the mouth of David, concerning Judas,who was the guide for those who arrested Jesus.Judas was numbered among usand was allotted a share in this ministry.
May 13 2019 - Monday of the Fourth Week of EasterReading 1 ACTS 11:1-18The Apostles and the brothers who were in Judeaheard that the Gentiles too had accepted the word of God.So when Peter went up to Jerusalemthe circumcised believers confronted him, saying,‘You entered the house of uncircumcised people and ate with them.”Peter began and explained it to them step by step, saying,“I was at prayer in the city of Joppawhen in a trance I had a vision,
May 12 2019 - Fourth Sunday of EasterReading 1 ACTS 13:14, 43-52Paul and Barnabas continued on from Pergaand reached Antioch in Pisidia.On the sabbath they entered the synagogue and took their seats.Many Jews and worshipers who were converts to Judaismfollowed Paul and Barnabas, who spoke to themand urged them to remain faithful to the grace of God.
May 11 2019 - Saturday of the Third Week of EasterReading 1 ACTS 9:31-42The Church throughout all Judea, Galilee, and Samariawas at peace.She was being built up and walked in the fear of the Lord,and with the consolation of the Holy Spirit she grew in numbers.As Peter was passing through every region,he went down to the holy ones living in Lydda.There he found a man named Aeneas,who had been confined to bed for eight years, for he was paralyzed.