Today, our Gospel passage is helping us to look inside us, to find something hidden in there.  The kingdom of Heaven is like a hidden treasure…, is like a merchant searching out pearls with a great price…., is like a net full of fish.  What is the greatest treasure in your life?  Treasures are things we try to keep because of a value we place upon them.  We take great pains to protect such things.  We live in a world, in which success is measured by the size of one’s wealth or possession, by one’s accomplishment or fame, and in terms of one’s educational degrees, talent, position or power.  Every now and then we encounter situations that seems to illumine us what is important in life.  Our treasure is what is life-giving for us day after day.  Deep within us are many needs, such as the need to be valued, a need of meaning, a need to be at peace and a need to feel safe and secure.   In the midst of finding our personal treasures that could bring happiness and joy to us, most of us become so busy and distracted that we easily forget what is most important.

The Scripture readings for this Sunday speak to us about recognizing what is enduring value and committing ourselves to it, even though we encounter struggles and happiness along with it. It invites us to pause and recognize the real treasures in our lives.  The real treasure is the Kingdom of Heaven and the supreme good that comes from knowing and loving Jesus Christ. Having a meaningful and having a personal relationship with God.  Our desire for God and our desire to become a loving people, collide with our desire for earthly things and immediate satisfactions.  Jesus Christ himself is our real treasure. Jesus Christ himself is the pearl of great price in our lives.  He is the one who reveals to us the will of God.   Once we recognize the riches that Jesus brings, allow Him to embrace us with his selfless love.  He knows how distracted and lost we often become on life however allow Him to motivate us and be inspired by God’s presence.  We simply need to search our hearts to know where our treasure lies.  We need to be like the scribes trained and educated in the ways of God.

Today as we receive the Eucharist, as we partake of God’s priceless gift to us, let us ask, like Solomon, for the grace and the courage to have an understanding heart and the ability to distinguish between right and wrong, between what is lasting and momentary.  Such a treasure will serve us well on our journey to the Kingdom of Heaven.  All that is worth cherishing in this world begins deep within our hearts with God’s mercy and love.

Source: Neo Jeremiah Voice of the Young Prophet Newsletter July 31, 2017 issue.