In the beginning of the gospel, Jesus made it clear that discipleship is a total surrender of one’s life and everything that is attached to it–possession, family, the world. To be a disciple is not simply one time act of choosing to follow Jesus but assessing of the risk and understanding that following Christ requires complete commitment to enter and finish the task of discipleship.

Jesus addressed the great crowds traveling with Him of the words in the scriptures maybe because just like us, they all think that when they follow Him, that’s it. But what Jesus wants is our full act of commitment and assurance to finish the journey we have started or at least realize the depth of what we are entering into.

Are we willing to put God as our top priority? And we listen to God more than our very own family? Are we ready to give up our earthly goals, wealth, and wants in this world to focus only to what God wills? Can we leave our loved ones if it means being a disciple to many who need help? Are we as Christians, can humble ourselves and be obedient even at the expense of our own life?

Discipleship is the ultimate demanding task each one is called to fulfill. In the gospel, Jesus wants each of us to realize that committing our self to God is not an easy affair. People need to carry their own cross and come after Jesus without anything else but him. It is a complete reliance to God. It is recognizing Jesus-the way to God- the One who made it possible to sit next to the Father, through His undying obedience to the will of God.

We now learn that true discipleship is being Jesus, imitating how He made it possible to feed the hungry, cure the sick, perform miracles, and make a priority in His ministry. Like Jesus, we ought to pray in private and at the most difficult times for our human bodies to respond physically, that is, early in the morning or late at night. And since to be a disciple indeed requires much attention, time and effort, prayer is one of the most important priorities we should hold on to not only as a source of our strength but also as a way to make affair with the Lord.

It is an abiding condition of life for any follower of Christ to constantly commit, humble one self, complete the task and remain in God. The demand is high, but for those who are willing to count the cost and be true disciples, we are reminded that since everything comes from God, God also desires everything from us.

A reflection by Olive Ilustrisimo from the September 8th 2019 issue of the Neo Jeremiah Voice of the Young Prophet Newsletter of the St. Peregrine Diocesan Shrine.