Have you ever caught yourself asking why other people behave badly? Or thought of why others cannot see the perspective they should be seeing? Or rather how people still sin despite the pleasant disposition they have?

If yes, it is surely that in one way or another, you have also compared these people to yourself thinking that they should be like you—a better person, a more obedient one, a follower of Christ. But it sounds odd, right? How can you say that you are better when you are actually judging them based on their weaknesses instead of understanding where they are coming from?

Brothers and sisters, in today’s gospel we are reminded of how equally sinful we all are. We often see the “splinter” or the bad side of other people and yet fail to realize that we also have our own beam of weaknesses. Because of this, we think highly of ourselves, end up criticizing other as if we do not commit sin, and set the standard of what is right based on how good we are compared to them. What’s worse is that, we forget that there’s only one being who we should be looking up to: Jesus.

When we judge others, we become less of the person God wants us to be. When we fall into self-righteousness and become the god of our own selves. However, as Christians, is if Jesus that we should learn from as He has the identity of God. He shows how we should see others according to how God sees us all—with compassion, love and mercy. No other human beings are more superior than others for we are all sinners needing of God’s grace to sustain us in this life full of temptations against evil.

As we look at others today, may we be reminded that we should look at their goodness for this is how God sees us. If we are to be judgmental, may we think first of our own shortcomings to realize that we do not have the right to criticize as we are also guilty of being imperfect. As it is essential to see Jesus in our own words and doings, it is essential to see Jesus in others too.

We are all working in progress. From time to time, we are subjected to a lot of faith testing to be continuously renewed Christians. It will be constantly difficult to follow Jesus and be like Him.

We are blessed that God also sees our hearts and hears its desires. Ask His guidance every single time you fall short. He knows how to lift us out of the pit of evilness because He is and will always be a merciful and loving God.

Olive Ilustrisimo

Source: Neo Jeremiah Voice of the Young Prophet Newsletter March 03, 2019 issue.