Reverend Monsignori and Fathers:

Brothers and Sisters in Christ:

The Chancery Office is informing and alerting everyone of a recent fraudulent effort of an unknown group / caller to extract money from his victims, often parishioners, parish priests and personnel within our diocese.

The scam involves an unknown person introducing himself as a BISHOP of a local diocese. The alleged Bishop calls and requests for a catering assistance for a supposed summit or conference of his priests, and in the process would also request for a cellphone load, ranging from 500php to 5,000php worth to make proper coordination and arrangements. In the end, he will get the trust of his victim, and the victim will freely give whatever he wants.  Money for cellphone load has been disbursed, with food being prepared – but no sign of the Bishop and priests in the arranged catering venue. Expenses are often shouldered by the victim!! Please beware of this modus!

Kindly forward this communication to our brother Priests, the religious and lay leaders as well. Let us be vigilant as well as generous in charity. All requests for assistance must be properly endorsed, particularly in writing, to the Local Ordinary and should also be reviewed by the Chancery and the Finance Office.

Thank you very much.


Sincerely yours,

Vice Chancellor