Source: Neo Jeremiah Voice of the Young Prophet Newsletter – March 26, 2017 issue.

The ability to see is a wonderful blessing. It is often said that the eyes are the windows to the soul, it is used to describe the deep connection one feels when looking into another’s eyes. Just like the windows, the eyes work both ways. Eyes are not only important in seeing into another person’s soul but also essential on how er view the world around us. The eyes speak the truth about reality.

Imagine yourself being blind, you see nothing except darkness then suddenly you are able to see. How would you feel? You would probably feel excitement and indescribable happiness because you’re now able to appreciate the beauty and color of the world. This was how the blind man must have felt when his blindness was cued by Jesus. He felt an overwhelming joy that he never felt before in his entire life. Aside from the physical blindness, the man was also healed from his spiritual blindness.

The Gospel today is about seeing the face of Jesus with His real love, experiencing His healing power and acknowledging Jesus as the Light of the World. It is not enough knowing Him but Jesus calls us to acknowledge Him, so that all of us blinded may see, repent and love God with all our hearts.

Blindness is not about the darkness around us but the darkness within us. We may have the gift of sight, but this sight does not guarantee that we are able to see what are essential in life. All of us have our own blindness, The physical blindness has led us to a deeper faith. We need to open our eyes and recognize the need of God. The works and healing power of Jesus becomes the manifestation of God’s goodness.

In our journey of faith, we may go through times of happiness, sadness and struggles but with faith in God, light will overcome darkness. We may learn to look and love with the eyes of faith. Let us never lose sight to see Jesus that we can follow him on the way to eternal life.