There are times when I feel low and when my circumstances in life are bathed with darkness that to get myself out of such state, I have to go in deep prayer and let the Holy Spirit to take full control and allow me to re-energize the good times and high moments I have with the Lord and felt His loving embrace.

The Transfiguration of Jesus is so inspiring that would remind us to strengthen our faith and have an intimate relationship with the Lord in the midst of our personal struggles, doubts and worries on life.  Our faith would be shaken, tested and tried however the Lord encourage us and giving us the vision that forever would change the way how we view our faith, through God’s mercy and His loving embrace.

Transfiguration is about Jesus and about us.  It teaches us wonderful messages.  First the message is suffering, what happened there in the mountain is a lesson for us:  in order to achieve the glory, we must first embrace the cross.  Second, the message of glory, the transfiguration of Jesus is about opening our eyes to glory.

To experience transfiguration describe the divinity and love of God, that enables us to transforms our lives and the lives of those we love.  The sacred moment of transfiguration shines through us.  And lastly, the message of hope, mountains may look difficult and tiring to climb but be waits at the top.  It inspires us to climb and to conquer our mountain of sufferings and sacrifices and glorious moments awaits us.  There is always hope and positive outcome.

Today, God slowly transforms us with His grace, there are times when our circumstances in life are in darkness and we may find it quite difficult to see the great things we have in Him.  God speaks to us today that because we followed Jesus and have Him in our hearts, we too have received the honor and glory from heaven.  We have received His transforming grace.  He wants us to feel His loving embrace, His compassion and understanding.  He wants us to be fully transformed and be truly one with Him.

As the transfiguration of Jesus inspires us with His glory, let us continue to be more prayerful so that once more God’s glory may be seen in our lives as transformation occurs from deep within us.

Every time we pray, Jesus will come and touch us saying, “Rise and do not be afraid.”

Source: Neo Jeremiah ~ Voice of the Young Prophet Newsletter August 6, 2017 issue.