The world has a lot to offer.  We are often confused by the different choices around us.  We are lucky if we were able to choose the right over wrong.  Or luckier if we really know what is right in the first place.  As we continue living in this world, we are lured with all these earthly temptations.  Being challenged inequality and cruelty of this material world.  Even our faith is of no escape that it is being tested.  But at the end of the day, it is still our choice to win and not to be defeated by all these.

We have our own weaknesses and strengths that is human nature.  The strength of a person maybe a weakness of the other.  No one is made by God alike and it’s not an accident.  Each one of us was designed for a great purpose.  So as with our faith, it varies from one person to another – it can be as vast as the ocean or as little as a mustard seed.   So if you will ask yourself now, how big your faith   in God is?  Will it be like the ocean or the mustard seed?   Whatever the answer is, the point is,we must keep the faith we already have within us.  Nurture it to make it strong that whatever comes along our way, it wins.  It wins not just because it is big, but also because it is strong.  We must surround ourselves with people who will help us in nurturing it.  People who will help us in drawing closer to God.  People who will hold hands in journeying towards God.  And people who will be with us as we sail together   with the boat we both belong – the Catholic Church.  We may not be smooth sailing, but with our faith as one sailing boat no matter how hard the wind is and big the winds are, we will surely reach our destination – the Kingdom of God.

So let us not just be contented of the little faith we have, we nurture it instead.  Nurturing it then sharing it to others.  For it is not about multiplying our faith within ourselves but also by sharing it to others.  Our faith will let us put our full trust and confidence to God whatever the situation is.  Yes, we should and we must, for He promised He will not abandon us nor forsake us (don’t forget that).  All we just have to do is submit ourselves to Him and never doubt His Commands.  That would be the time when we are no longer in the position of choosing between good or evil, right or wrong.  But the only choice we have is to do what is good and right because that’s what all left within us.  It is just so amazing that with God as the center of our lives, nothing is impossible, nothing is more meaningful.  God be with us all.

Source: Neo Jeremiah Voice of the Young Prophet Newslatter, August 13, 2017 issue.