Human beings are the most valuable creation that the Lord made. Every human is equipped with all the necessary abilities to improve the world and be people of greatness and success. As the best creatures, we are given different capacities, functions and skills and talents to grow and give back more of what we have to the creator.

However, out of fear for more responsibilty or doubts on our own ability, we tend not to use all those given gifts and stay unnoticeable in the eyes of the world. Afraid of taking risks or being not good enough, we choose not to acknowledge the uniqueness in us. We feel ashamed, inferior, and unable.

But the passage today reminds us of what we need to do what God has given us. As our creator, He wants us to become faithful in His gifts, no matter how small those are. The first servant, who recognized his ‘five talents’ and made five more out of them, is a faithful one. The second servant, who also recognized his master as the giver of his ‘ two talents’ and made two more out of these gifts, is likewise referred to as a faithful one. Both of the faithful servants are grateful of what they have, and so joyfully presented themselves to their masters. They make their gifts grow, double and useful. Their effort makes the master pleased that he is more willing to give them greater responsibilities, trust, and most of all the pleasure to join him with his joy. The Lord gives us everything we need in this journey. We all have what it takes because God entrusted each of us the responsibilty we have based on our own capacity. He doesn’t demand that we do all the things at once, but rather to acknowledge Him as the giver and give back all what we have to Him. As grateful as we should, it is our privilege to create more of what He has given us simply because He deserves what is the best and the richest. Yes, it is what we think our creator deserves that we give, so let us be generous and faithful to Him as He is to us.

Let us not choose to be like the lazy, wicked servant who complained to his master and simply buried his ‘talent’ in the ground. For all the uncultivated gifts be taken away from us, and be given to others instead. May we not regret at the end the responsibilty we denied out of fear and infidelity to God’s small matter.

We are the most capable creation in this world, and we are all Christians. What else can we not conquer without, and through our God? Together with Him, our creator’s abundant kingdom awaits. It is now the time to give glory to God and give back all we’ve got to no one else but Him.

Source: Neo Jeremiah Voice of the Young Prophet Newsletter November 19, 2017 issue.