In our world with so much anger, hatred and chaos. This may include acknowledging our own suffering; that we, too, are scared, anxious and despairing; that we too are vulnerable. These are the moments when we see all sufferings and disappointments seems unbearable. These are the moments (fragile as they it seems) when we recognize the holiness and grace of the lord. To gaze and reflect upon the cross as Jesus sacrifice himself and give love unconditionally.

On this Solemnity of Our Lord Jesus Christ, King of the Universe and this is what we heard from the gospel: how rulers “sneered at Jesus”, soldiers “jeered at him” and one of the criminals “reviled him”. And as reflected upon the gospel the sneering and jeering – the anger, fear and judgment of others, this shows how cruel and ugly the human can be. When we are surrounded of people who acknowledge themselves as king with power, wealth and authority. We are asked to gaze and remember Jesus. And redefine the definition of being a king.

To gaze upon the cross is to acknowledge Jesus’ kingship is unlike any we have ever seen. Instead of exerting power over people mocking him, Jesus submitted himself to their power – even it meant letting them to put Him to death. A great sacrificial love indeed.

To gaze upon the cross is to acknowledge our sin and repent. When we fail to acknowledge that our sin is just as bad as another’s, we cut ourselves off from God’s forgiveness and healing. As we repent, we open our lives to god restoring power to work in us and opportunity to connect and reach out to Him with the love of God.

To gaze upon the cross is to acknowledge Jesus’ true love and to show love above all else. For God Himself is love. We look to Jesus and the life he led and mirror it to extend to other people and treated them with tenderness and compassion. To respond with love that emerges not from the depths of compassion and the strength of conviction but also out of our disappointment and despair. Despite on our own fear and trembling, we stand together and inspire each other.

Jesus, King of the universe has come to overthrow sin through love, violence through peace and injustice through mercy. Amen!

~ m’jdm

A reflection by Jennifer Munar for the Solemnity of Jesus, King of the Universe (Last Sunday in Ordinary Time) from the November 24th 2019 issue of the Neo Jeremiah Voice of the Young Prophet Newsletter of the St. Peregrine Laziosi Diocesan Shrine.