It was December 2003 when my  daughter Sofe, her husband, Zoilo and their only son, Jeff were scheduled to
take a vacation and to join me in Los Angeles, California where I was staying  then with my youngest daughter Veron, who has been residing in the US for the  past ten years together with her husband and two children. We eagerly waited for  their arrival. As a matter of fact my two grandsons in the US were too excited  and could not wait to see their Tita, Tito and especially cousin Jeff from the  Philippines again. Plans were made and the itinerary of their Christmas visit  was laid out with much excitement.

A week before their scheduled flight,  my daughter Sofe called us up in the US and informed that their trip would not  push through. She told me that she was advised by her OB-GYNE to undergo  hysterectomy at the soonest possible time. She was diagnosed to have the dreaded  “C” in her uterus and it was necessary to do surgery to remove the growth and to  know the extend of the disease. I was dumbfounded with the information and  comforted my daughter on the phone. Between controlled sobs I told her to be  strong and to pray hard. That night, shaking with fear for my daughter’s safety,  tears rolling down my face I prayed hard and asked for the intercession of  Mama Mary to ask her Divine Son, Our Lord, Jesus Christ  to give my daughter strength, courage and faith in the goodness of Our Savior. The next day, a friend, who like me has been staying with her children  in the US for so long, came to visit me. She found me crying, still unable to  accept the information I got from the Philippines. She asked me what the problem  was so I told her the bad news. After listening, she told me about the  Shrine of St. Peregrine in the Old Mission San Juan Capistrano  Church in San Diego, California. She asked me to go there and pray to St. Peregrine, being know to be the Patron Saint for cancer  sufferers. I immediately agreed to her suggestion and thanked God for sending an  angel in the form of my friend to ease my worry a bit. That night when my daughter Veron arrived from work I discussed with her my desire to visit  St. Peregrine’s Shrine in San Diego.

On December 11, a  day before my daughter Sofe’s scheduled operation in the Philippines, we went on
a long drive to San Diego. The weather was not so good that day. It was foggy.  My son-in-law could not drive us because he had work, so my daughter Veron had  to drive. I told her to be extra careful as we were also traveling with my two  young grandsons. With God’s grace we reached san Juan Capistrano safely despite  the weather.

Before you can visit the St. Peregrine Shrine,   you have to hear mass at the San Juan Mission Capistrano Cathedral  which is a bit distant from the Shrine itself. At the gate, you have to ask  permission from the Sisters of the Mission for a visit to the Shrine. When we  got inside, I eagerly knelt before St. Peregrine and prayed  fervently for his intercession for the successful operation of my daughter Sofe  in the Philippines. After saying my prayer I looked around and saw bright  lighted candles and smelled a sweet fragrance permeating the air. I wondered  where the scent came from then turned back to St. Peregrine and  asked permission from him to get two copies of the leaflet piled in one  corner of the room.  I wanted to send a copy to my daughter back home in the Philippines.

Back home in my daughter’s house in North Hollywood,  California as I entered my room smelled the same sweet scent again. To my mind  and to my great belief in St. Peregrine I took it as a sign of  an answered prayer. Later, that same night I called Sofe’s husband in the  Philippines to ask him about the operation. He told me that everything went well, it was not bloody, there were no complications and that my daughter Sofe  was alright and out of the recovery room. She was already in her room, a bit  groggy from the anesthesia but is well awake. I said a silent prayer of gratitude to St. Peregrine.

Three months after Sofe’s  operation, I went back to the Philippines. I was happy with her fast recovery  and even happier because the “C” turned out to be Stage 1-a and that there was  no need for my daughter to undergo chemotherapy. She was only given hormone  replacement treatment with constant medical supervision. Thank GOD through the  intercession of St. Peregrine she is doing well up to now. She  has been using the leaflet that I sent her from the US and has included  St. Peregrine in her daily devotional prayers since  then.

I promised to offer a thanksgiving mass in honor of St.  Peregrine in his Shrine at San Diego but I failed to do so while I was  in the US. Thank GOD He sent angels to our family again in the  persons of Ric and Cynthia Rivera. Cynthia is sofe’s close friend and  officemate. She was the one who told us that her husband Ric, who is a Lay
Minister has been to the Shrine of St. Peregrine in Tunas an, Muntinlupa and  that a Healing Mass is held every Sunday at 2:30 p.m. Hence, one Sunday  afternoon (October 16, 2005), I attended my first Healing Mass in the said Shrine, together with Sofe and her family and Ric` and Cynthia’s family. I  finally fulfilled my promise to offer a Thanksgiving Mass to St.  Peregrine.

I have brought my two other sons and daughter to the  St. Peregrine Shrine in Tunasan. I hope to bring my two other children who are abroad when they come home for a vacation here in the Philippines . As one family, we will offer our endless thanksgiving to  GOD ALMIGHTY for HIS ENDLESS GOODNESS and  MERCY.