One of the things that strikes me about the gospel passage is how easy it is for me to put myself in the place of the workers who were, at first, felt insignificant to the vineyard owner and easily judge by others. Indeed, it is difficult to put myself in the situation of the workers who were last to work and at the end were paid the same wage as the first. Somehow, you can feel it, too. Human beings were used to expect others to invest as much as they do in a relationship or friendship, but the reality often shows the wrong way around, so as the result, we become disappointed. It boils down to the fact that, we’re all a bit insecure about our own worth and so we look around us for a frame of reference to assess how well we are in our doings – in work, wealth, love and life. Unfortunately, when we try to compare ourselves to others, it is there that we can feel jealousy, envy and insecure. In today’s gospel passage and it surprising twist, Jesus exposed the evilness of jealousy and envy in the human heart and illustrated the mercy and generosity of God – the heart of generosity that it astonishes not only our intellect but also the sense of justice within ourselves. As we reflect in today’s gospel, whether we discover any trace of jealousy and envy in our heart only through God’s grace and words that we may able to see and open our hearts again to generosity.

Fortunately, there is a cure for jealousy, envy and unjustly. The cure that comes from ourselves, not comparing ourselves to other people, but in union with Christ Jesus. Jesus is a faithful steward of the gifts and blessings. Even though we will not experience the same blessings on earth each of us will be rewarded not on the basis of the quantity of our response to these blessings, no matter how little or abundant it is.

Our God is a loving God and generous God. He gives us all that we need. Through His love he makes ourselves free from jealousy and envy. Love that shows the desire of God, and that is to be with us. We don’t need to be jealous or compete with our fellow brothers and sisters for God sees us all as equal. God loves each one of us unconditionally an in a very special way. God loves us so much that He sent His only son and died for us, so that we may live. Let us put envy, jealousy and other negative feelings aside and seek the glorious love and mercy of the Lord, knowing that we already have all that we need. God is the one who will judge in fairness and truth. We do not have the right to judge others and yet we do it all the time. Today let us give thanks for the blessings and graces we have received. Commit ourselves to the most generous love we can offer to others and give it to God as intercession. Allow God to gaze upon us through love.

And we pray, “Lord, so often we fail to loves as You desire us to love. We are selfish and judgmental towards others. Make our hearts gentle and tender. Instill in us the eternal love of the Father. May we possess a generous heart, and help us to extend that love to those in need, Your Divine Mercy. Jesus, we trust in You”.

Source: Neo Jeremiah Voice of the Young Prophet Newsletter September 24, 2017 issue.