It is easy to praise God when everything is going right while difficult when things are going wrong.  We forget to thank God when everything is doing well but we beg for help when we are in trouble. Why can’t we thank, praise, seek and think of God all the time, wherever we are, whatever we are into, or no matter the circumstance is.

Everything that happens in our lives has its own purpose for the fulfillment of God’s great plan. We may never understand why but surely we will find out when the right time comes. But instead of being with God and wait for that Right Time, we ask and complain, we justify and defend ourselves.   We make decisions based on the knowledge we acquired, and we even judge others as how the society requires them to be.  We always think of ourselves.  Yes we do!  Because as we grow, our knowledge, educational attainment, career, material possessions, and other earthly things blind us and let us forget how to be humble just like a child.   We forget the times when everything is simple.  We forget the times when we find joy even in petty things.  Times when we don’t care what other people will think about us.  And times when we don’t complain but rather obey.  We don’t judge others that’s why making friends is easy.  We don’t reason out and justify ourselves but instead admit our faults and ask for assistance because we think that it is better if someone is helping us.  Yes, we were once humble but we have forgotten how to be one.  We don’t have full control of ourselves.  Therefore we should humble ourselves and seek God.  Because no matter how disobedient and unfaithful we are to Hi, He has always been disobedient and unfaithful we are to Him, He has always been faithful to us and is always there waiting for us to knock on His door.  He is always there to accept us again and give the comfort we need.  All we have to do is to submit to Him, give all burdens and have faith in Him.  Let us open our hearts and let Him in.  For His yoke is easy not because He demands less but because He takes more of our loads.

We should not forget what God has taught us along the way.  Let’s not forget that the reason  God allows us to experience hard times is to make us strong and also be reminded that we have a loving God who is always ready to take all our burdens  and make it lighter for us.  God only reveals himself to the meek, not to the arrogant so let us be one.

Source: Neo Jeremiah ~ Voice of the Young Prophet July 8, 2017 issue.

After Thought   -14th Sunday in Ordinary Time July 9,2017