Our maturity is defined on how we react on things. Responding widely but humble. Acting on character, not by emotion but with empathy. Believing that “no man is an island” and admitting that no one is “Mr. Know it all”.

We are taught by our experiences in life. All these, bad or good, are essential but we should realize the lesson it tells and be the reason to humble ourselves and understand that it may not make us the greatest people here on earth, but surely, in the Kingdom of heaven.

Ironic it is to say, but being mature is like being a child.

A child forgives easily and genuinely for they don’t hold grudges which a mature person should normally do. Because he knows that peace of mind is valuable than wasting time on grudges. He chooses his battles and let go of what is not important.

A child appreciates even the little things. Like a mature person who is thankful for every little thing because we don’t compare. He understands that every person deserves to be happy and that happiness can’t be bought elsewhere. And positive enough that everything happens at the right time.

A child loves without condition. Like a mature person who has a broader understanding to every people which makes him compassionate. He is able to love more for he doesn’t focus on peoples’ flaws but what is good in them. He has full understanding that “Nobody’s perfect” and in the eyes of God, we all are equal and He loves us all.

A child is respectful and don’t argue. Like a mature person who respects other peoples’ opinion, choices and decision. He always evaluated his thought before saying it. Because what is important is not his ego but what other people might feel. Because no matter how we tried to be honest in our opinion, it will always about how we deliver it.

A child learns from his mistakes. Like a mature person who own up his mistakes and learn from it. Because he already accepted that he has limitations and that he will be needing other people, especially God who is always there whenever, wherever we need Him.

Lastly, a mature person may not be dependent like a child but when it comes to seeking comfort and protection, love and care and grace and mercy, we ALL end up to the greatest source, our God Almighty. Because at the end of the day, whatever we did, wherever we go, we are all Christians and we are ALL CHILDREN OF GOD. We need to realize that God’s overflowing love is more than sufficient that we should live as to what Child of God should be.

A reflection by Rene Paster for the Feast of the Sto. Niño from the January 19th issue of the Neo Jeremiah Voice of the Young Prophet Newsletter of the St. Peregrine Laziosi Diocesan Shrine.