When we were young, we used to be scared of the dark. Wither we keep the turned on for the rest of the night or we fear a ghost will come and sleep next to us. I remember at night, I would ask my sister to wait for me as I desperately cover my whole body with the blanket, then I’ll tell her, ”Sige ate! Patayin mo na ilaw.” And we would do that every night. But there came one night, my sister went to a friend’s house for a sleepover so I had to sleep by myself. I couldn’t sleep well that night. I was so scared, so I went to my parent’s room. My mother, although desperate for sleep, still got up and accompanied me to my room. She laid there beside me, and just simply told me “Andito na si mama, wag na matakot.” Then fear would disappear, and before I knew it, I’m already asleep.

I shared this memory of mine because our gospel today is just like that memory. Like a kid scared of the dark, the disciples were also scared at the time because many Jews were hunting them down and most ready to kill them. The doors were locked in fear for their lives. Yet Jesus came inside and showed himself to them. Jesus knew how terrified and troubled his disciples were. That’s why he said, “Peace be with you!” He didn’t tell them, “I didn’t teach you to be cowards!” He didn’t. He said, “Peace be with you!” And peace, contrary to what we know, does not mean silence, calmness, or serenity. These words are fruits of peace, but peace is beyond these words. Peace means presence of Jesus. That’s why often in life, when we’re far away from Jesus, our troubles become harder to bear, and we become lost and afraid. We don’t have peace. That’s why Jesus knew exactly what to tell his disciples. He simply told them, “I’m here.” Peace is here, I am here. Just like my mother who didn’t tell me, “Malaki ka na, ‘di ka na dapat matakot.” My mother simply told me that she’s there. And that was enough to make fear disappear.

Sometimes, all we need to know is that Jesus is here. We just have to remember that though things aren’t good, God is. Because God is good, all the time. He was, is, and always will be. We are baptized in the Holy Spirit therefore we are one with God. His presence will always be with us, no matter how far we stray, he will always find us. And His peace will be with us. Today we celebrate the Solemnity of Pentecost, the day our church was born as Jesus breathed on his disciples and said, “Receive the Holy Spirit!” For the Spirit He sent was Him. Together, let’s pray, 0 Holy Spirit, come take over our life, we surrender ourselves to you, both hearts and soul. Fill us with your presence, strengthen us with your love, help us see you beyond our eyes could see. Cleanse us from our sins, convict us with the truth. Make our faith on fire, build our faith so strong to move mountains. Send us, 0 Holy Spirit, where are trust is beyond borders. We turn to you, we surrender everything to you. Amen.

~ Blessy

Source: Neo Jeremiah Voice of the Young Prophet Newsletter June 9, 2019 issue.