September 29, 2019. Jasper Christian Gambito/ St. Peregrine Laziosi Diocesan Shrine. September 28 marks the celebration of St. Lorenzo Ruiz’s feast day throughout the Universal Church. ‘San Lorenzo’ is the first Filipino saint who was martyred in Nagasaki, Japan during the time when the Japanese Shogunate imposed harsh punishments on those who profess the Catholic faith. Unlike his companions, San Lorenzo is not a priest nor a member of any religious congregation, but his status as a member of the laity did not deter him from serving the Lord and professing his faith up until his last breath.

It is in this coincidence that the St. Peregrine Laziosi Parish celebrated the ‘Araw ng Layko 2019’ on the feast of the lay Filipino saint. Starting with the celebration of the Eucharist, members of the laity representing various commissions and ministries of the parish participated in the activities prepared for them. Activities varies from a zumba dance session to a pamper buffet which includes free massage, free haircut, and free manicure and pedicure.

Before the end of the day’s celebration and tribute to the lay people, Bro. Ody Romance, the invited resource speaker for SLP’s Araw ng Layko 2019, reminded the church workers that they are serving the Lord out of love and not out of fear for the servants of the Lord are not mere slaves who fears their master but rather are friends of their Lord.

Bro. Ody emphasizes that Christian service should be centered to God: it should not be out of fear, but out of love; that it is a choice and the Lord’s servants willingly commits themselves for the service of the kingdom; that it had been paid by the blood of Christ; and that it is in response to Christ’s call which is love.

In serving the Lord’s Kingdom, Bro. Ody mentioned that it should be in union with each other. Envy and jealousy makes no room to the service since it will only cause disparity and hidden grudges. Instead, servants of the Lord should reflect on the teaching that although each ministries have their own tasks, it should complement with each other, remembering that they were called to serve the same master.