Source: Neo Jeremiah Voice of the Young Prophet Newsletter (January 31, 2016 issue)

In today’s Gospel, there are many important aspects that we need to ponder. Three (3) of these are essential in knowing who Jesus is.

First: the authority of Jesus’ word. Jesus teaches the people in the synagogue that the prophecies in the Old Testament refer to Him and find it’s fulfillment in Him. People were amazed and spoke highly of Him. These reactions from the people who experienced to listen personally to Jesus’ words gave us conviction and testified that Jesus is a powerful and might One, that by His words, He could capture the heart of everyone.

Second: the identity of parents. “Is He not the son of Joseph?” People immediately recognized that Jesus id the son of Joseph. Joseph was not the father of Jesus. The father of Jesus is God but Joseph was the father of Jesus in order to help Him grow in age, wisdom and grace. Joseph, together with Mary cared for Jesus’ human dimension, physical and psychological growth (age). Joseph accompanied Jesus on Saturdays to Synagogue to listen to the word of God (wisdom). Jesus and Mary did everything to form their child to grow in the grace of God. These three Joseph did to aid the growth of Jesus (Pope Francis’ general audience in St. Peter’s Square).

Third: faith leads to Miracle. Pride and jealousy is obstacle to faith. These two aspects are hindrances in order for Jesus to perform miracles. People in the Synagogue could not accept that Jesus, their simple country man, performed miracles so they felt jealous, and besides, Jesus performed miracles outside His own native land. These three aspects help us to know Jesus, so therefore we reflect on these questions. Am I listening consciously to the word of God in the Mass? Does it help to change my way of life? Do I bring my family especially my children to attend the Holy Mass? Do I recognize the blessing (miracles) done by the Lord in my life?