How is Jesus alive and present among us? Do we burn with love for Him? When have we experienced the strange and wonderful feeling of the burning heart, as we listen to the word of God at the Holy Eucharist or through our own prayers?

Today’s beautiful gospel passage centers itself with Cleopas and the other disciples going to Emmaus, the risen Christ suddenly walked and conversed with them. They had no idea that it was already the risen Christ who was with them. They walked until they reached Emmaus; it was already night, so they invited Jesus to stay with them. And while they were at a table Jesus took bread, broke it and said the blessings and shared with the two of them. And the two recognized that it was the risen Jesus who was with them.

The journey to Emmaus is my journey and each one of us has own journey. We are all on the road going to Emmaus where we will be meeting along the way, the people who touched our lives and similarly preoccupied with our own despairs and disappointments in this world. Even when the answer is directly in front of us, we have trouble seeing it because we are looking for a different answer. On our own journey, when darkness overtakes us and when we feel all hopes are gone, we must bear in mind that the Risen Jesus is walking with us. Through the darkest moments and troubles, God is always with us. We are living in His glorious presence in every moment of everyday. We must take a break and go back to Him.If we hold our faith in Him, he will appear to us again in unexpected ways. The Eucharist is the peak; there is a union between Jesus and us. It is through receiving his body in that sacrament that we can experience His presence. It touches our inner self upon gazing his dismantled body at the cross.

The Lord is present in love, prayer and the Holy Eucharist, if we will allow Him to come along on our journey and allow Him to enter in our hearts. It would be one of the most wonderful walks and journeys.

Let us walk with love on our journeys as shown to us by God. The love that forgives, encourages and selfless. We may have despairs and wounded hearts but having a burning heart for Him is the most beautiful thing, let us fall in love with the Lord over and over again and have faith with Him for every journey of life can be Emmaus Journey where we meet the Lord.

Source: Neo Jeremiah ~ The Voice of the Young Prophet Newsletter April 30, 2017 issue.