Ubald was born at Borgo Sansepolcro around the middle of the thirteenth century. He entered the Order of Servants an was ordained a priest.

As a Servite friar he was noted for the holiness of his life and works. He was a close friend of Saint Philip.

It is said that when Philip was dying Ubald came to his friend`s bedside Philip regained consciousness for a moment and then died in Ubald`s arms.

Ubald died at Monte Senario in 1351. Pope Pius VII approved the devotion to him in 1821.

He left us an example of a holy life

Ubald was born at Borgo Sansepolcro, in Tuscany, toward the middle of the thirteenth century. Fra Paolo Attavanti telIs us that his attraction to religious life dated from his early years. When he completed his study of philosophy and letters, he joined the Order of Friar Servants of Mary. Then he studied theology.

Brother Ubald was a’ tall, good-looking man. He was respected as ‘a fine example of chastity. He was a man of work and initiative who made no compromises with life’s comforts. His friendship with Saint Philip highlights another dimension of his personality and confirms the accounts of his holiness. Fra Taddeo Adimari and Nicolò Borghese both repeat an earlier life of Saint Philip which describes his death at Todi. Ubald had miraculously learned that his friend was dying and arrived at Todi when Philip had been unconscious for three hours. Philip awoke, embraced his friend and brother, then died.

We do not know in which monastery Ubald lived for most of his religious life. It is thought that he passed the last years of his life at Monte Senario, where he died in 1315. He was welI known there because of the many miracles attributed to him. Fra Michele Poccianti states that his body was buried in the church of Monte Senario.

In 1707 the remains of a talI man were found under the main altar near the tomb of the Seven Holy Fathers. It is generalIy believed that these are the remains of Ubald.

In 1821, Pope Pius VII confirmed the devotion to Blessed Ubald. In 1969 the remains of Blessed Ubald were transferred to the chapel of Saint Joseph where they are still venerate.


Lord, our God, source of all love, help us by the prayers and example of Blessed Ubald. Fill us with your gifts so that we may glorify you in total love. We ask though our Lord Jesus Christ.