It has been decade since I climbed up a mountain, however, the memory of what I did still lingers on and was so helpful to me.  courage and fear resided in my heart at the very first time I climbed up, way back ten years ago.  It was such a difficult thing to be at the top of the mountain, yet there was something awesome also in reaching it and going down from its peak.

On the other hand, facing reality of life, I can even say at this moment that I am still climbing the mountain of my life or shall we say problems along my spiritual journey.  In today’s Gospel, the Lord reminds us through the transfiguration of Jesus that there is glory awaits us for those who listen to Him.  This is the moment of pure grace and glowing with the light of God’s presence.  There were times in our lives that it seems the world is disfigured instead of having it transfigured.   Each one of us has a mountain to climb or to face; it might be chaos and fear.  In order to have courage in reaching its summit we must listen to the voice of the Lord and making it as our guide or even a light that illumines the dark area of our journey.  The Father in heaven reveals His great love for His Son and somehow a way of inviting us to be sharers of that same  love.

Whenever  we are alone we just have to acknowledge the presence of the other Alone; that is God.  In our journey, the Lord is our companion and we are not alone.  We should let the Lord to be the captain in our journey, to surrender totally to His loving presence and to be humble as Mary did.  The mountains or problems in life are amazing only when we look at it through the grace of God.  Jesus wants us to free ourselves from fear and worries.  The strife of life can be overcome; all we need to do is pray profoundly for the grace of God.  In the moments of chaos and fear, PRAY.  In the moments of healing, PRAY and in the moments of joy, PRAY.

As Christian, I realize that I must keep climbing the mountain with faith and to have the right perspectives.  Letting the very presence of the Lord to enter in my heart and transfigure it.  We all have the moments of transfiguration.  It is a moment of complete union and joyful experience in God’s presence.  It is a moment when we come face to face with ourselves, with  other person and with God.  In our journey in this season of lent we should learn to hear the voice of God, to see and follow the direction he gives.  In the midst of the different circumstances in life, there is only light.  There is only love.  There is only God and let GOD transfigure us.

Source: Neo Jeremiah Voice of the Young Prophet Newsletter Feb 25 2018 issue.