August 27, 2018 ~ St. Peregrine Laziosi Diocesan Shrine/ Cleotilde Bulan. The Order of the Servants of Mary celebrated the Feast of St. Philip Benizi, the Illustrious Promoter of the Servite Order, last August 23. The nine days novena-masses were held at the St. Peregrine Lasiozi Diocesan Shrine from August 14th to August 22nd.

On the ninth day of the novena-masses, members of the Secular Order of the Servants of Mary (OSSM) renewed their commitment as Promised Members. The Rite was officiated by Rev. Fr. Nady Ma. Meren, OSM, being the Spiritual Assistant of the Fraternity and formally representing the Vicar-Provincial of the St. Peregrine Philippine Vicariate of the Order of Servants of Mary.

On that same day, two new probationary members were accepted as Promised Members thru the Rite of Promise also officiated by Rev. Fr. Nady Meren, OSM and witnessed by the members of the OSSM and lay parishioners. The celebration culminated with a gathering of all members of the Servite Family in a dinner-fellowship at the Parish Hall.