In a life where formation revolving around the word of God has been a constancy, one must already feel totally confident that they can overcome sin.

With sin that poises like a welcoming reunion every time, the comfort of an old self doing the same thing over and over again becomes like a relaxant of sorts to anyone, rooted they may be in the Word of God or not. Such is a case for all of us; our human limitation falters each and every time. And no sinning is much greater or of lesser value just because of one’s position as a follower of God. But a person who repents would always be greater than any one of us.

The gospel illustrates this more beautifully with the parable used by Jesus. It reminds me of a story when I was a kid and my Lola who by then notices the damage our huge mango tree is creating with the flooring of their house decided to talk to the tree and addressed that it will be cut down since it has not bore any fruit. Much to our surprise, that the next summer, the branches of this huge mango tree bore fruit immensely and its mangoes were the sweetest then. Basketloads upon basketloads were distributed to our neighbors and friends and still we have much. The mango tree bore fruit the same amount of mangoes the next summer, yet Lola still decided to cut it down.

Unlike a tree, us, humans are not cut down immediately after sinning. We are given chances over and over again through the loving mediation of Jesus Christ. The Lent is a wonderful reminder to us of God’s hope in us to repent and to return to the Lord our ways. Like a tree we need to be cultivated and fertilized. We need to remain in the Lord through prayer and the Eucharist. For to bear fruit, one must also have other people go and grow to Christ, with us.

At the end of day, it doesn’t matter who has been following God but how much we decide to stay rooted to Christ in our lives.

  • Myra Remigio
  • Source: March 24th 2019 issue of the Neo Jeremiah Voice of the Young Prophet Newsletter