There is something special about how a woman cares for a child whether that child is natural born, adopted or just someone that the woman has become a mother to.  The heart of the mother is to love.  We are always amazed when we hear sacrificial love of a mother for her child.  It reminds us the amazing compassion and love that God has for each and every one of us.  Love motivates men and women to attempt difficult things.  When we love someone, we are willing to do anything to help and pray for them with persistence, humility and determination.

This is illustrated beautifully in today’s gospel: a woman, a mother and there is something about her that applies to all our lives, both men and women.  There is much that we can learn from this Canaanite woman.  Indeed, she was worthy to be called mother.  She needed help for her demonic possessed daughter and she refused to take no for an answer.  Jesus intended to test the faith of this mother and her great faith resulted in the healing of her child.  The woman shows a glimpse not just being a mother but what it takes to follow Jesus.  The Canaanite woman teaches us about having a persistence faith, listens and look at how she behaved at her darkest hour.   She answered Jesus’ silence and initial replies by continuing to beg for His help and mercy.  This desperate mother pushed through her fear and believed.  The mother’s persistence faith resulted in a spirit of humility and total surrender.  Just like the Canaanite woman we may have the faith and heart of a mother – a heart that cares. A heart that discerns, a heart that helps and a heart that persists.  Even though God may test us in seemingly strange and unpredictable ways, he will not turn away His promises to help those who call on Him in their time of need.  And he will never turn His back on true faith.

How persistent are we in our prayers?  In our life, we face challenges, hopelessness, issues and people that might serve barriers in seeking Jesus Christ. We sometimes wonder why our petitions do not receive answers from Him.  God listens.  God answers us in His wisdom and gives us what we need.  Most likely we don’t always it right away when we pray, thus we need to be patient and persistent in praying- – keep asking, don’t give up, seek, knock and keep knocking until the door is open.  And most importantly is that we, like the Canaanite woman, discover an intimacy with the Lord by being persistent in our prayer and faith.  Our Lord offers his love and healing to all who sincerely persist in seeking His love, but we must seek Jesus, with a humble and repentant heart.  No matter what our background and social status in life, we are precious in the eyes of the Lord.  With faith and humility, all are welcome at the table of God’s healing grace.

And the heart of prayer is persistence.   Kneel down, beg His mercy and say “Lord, help me.”

Source: Neo-Jeremiah Voice of the Young Prophet August 20, 2017 issue.