Source: Neo Jeremiah Voice of the Young Prophet Newsletter (May 29, 2016 issue)

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Sharing is sometimes hard to do; an established relationship is often needed for us to share something with somebody. There must be at least love, trust or even familiarity for us to be willing to do it. But sometimes, it also depends on what we will share, how important it is to us. In today’s gospel, the disciples were reluctant to share the food that they have with the followers of Jesus. They considered it only for them; they felt it won’t be enough. In their minds is the “exclusivity” they are into, as disciples of Jesus, thinking that the people should fend for themselves.

How about us? What are the things that we have refused to share? Is it money, time, respect, or love? Have we also been afraid that it won’t be enough or even feel that the other person is not worth it? Sometimes in life, we will be asked to hare things that are very dear to us; a part of us will be taken for others’ sake. Are we willing and ready to give it if it is our Lord Jesus Christ is the one asking?

Jesus shared His life to us. He allowed himself like the bread in the Gospel, to be broken so that many can receive Him and at the same time experience God’s grace. So that whoever receives Him with a full heart can be saved and have eternal life. It entails pain to be broken; and part of you to be taken. But we must always bear in mind that unless we share ourselves and what we have will then will we experience satisfaction and fulfillment in life as Christians.

~ Shiella