I just realized that the words “silent” and “listen” contain the same letters and how those words are very significant to my life and to my prayer life.  We are living in a noisy world.  From the time we wake up and step out home till we come back, we encounter variety of sounds and noises, even places where silence is considered as a necessity are not excepted.  And a lot of times we just talk and talk however without actually saying or meaning anything.  Maybe because we want to feel that we’re heard, and that people acknowledge our presence.

While we live in different sounds around us including our own thoughts and emotions, as we enter into silence, we can experience it as a gift that brings reflection and discernment.  Awakening our souls in the way of silence is a joyful experience.  As we are silent, we learn to listen.  We discover how to pay attention to what is happening within us and around us.  Listening from the heart enables us to listen to what God is communicating to us.

God has a full power and authority over every part of our bodies.  The miracle on today’s gospel shows us that only Jesus could heal and restore everything.  God loves us more than we’ll ever know.  We need to hear God speak to us through His love.  We encounter God in times of joy and celebration, and we find God in the midst of challenges and noisy chaos.  However, it is in the silence that we hear God more clearly that brings stillness and calmness to us.

The grace of silence in our noisy world to hear the Word of God is to experience a profound sense of connectedness to our Lord Jesus Christ.  God gave us two ears and only one mouth to remind us to listen twice as much as we talk.

I have learned more from being quiet and from embracing silence than I have learned from thinking and from talking.  And it’s not about being quiet or being silent; it’s about entering into silence with God.  Take time to find silence wherever you are.  Turn off your phone, laptop and anything that could make noise, appreciate the beauty of nature and just sit.  Or walk.  Or swing on a swing.  Or go to the garden.  Just be silent and be with God with open heart.  Say a prayer and then listen… Amen!

Source: Neo Jeremiah Voice of the Young Prophet – September 9, 2018 issue.