Oftentimes, we face difficulties in life. And as we look back, it is unexplainable how some people managed to help us in their own ways. It is incomprehensible how we managed to have the strength to go on and overcome such troubles; and after a while, in just a matter of time, everything went well again.

In today’s gospel, we are reminded that it is the Advocate, the Holy Spirit, and the spirit of truth which is the moral force put into a person of God, that made us live and go this far.

It is through the Holy Spirit’s presence and strength that we have endured all the struggles even the simple things of everyday life. It is through the moral force in each person around us that we have felt comforted and loved. That feeling when you were in your worst days and you could not imagine how strong you should become yet still you succeeded to be the strongest; those moments when you did not know what to do but you simply found the answers from the people around you.

Far more than surviving the trials of life, in the gospel the very purpose of the Advocate was also revealed. God has sent the Holy Spirit and the moral force to help Christians show their love for Him, and guide them in following His commandments. “If you love me, you will keep my commandments…Whoever keeps my commandments and observe them is the one who loves me.” It is therefore a challenge for us, Christians, to recognize the presence of the Holy Spirit in us not only when we are in pain or troubles but also when we find it hard to be the person God wants us to be – the person who is created in the likeness of Jesus.

In the midst of the busyness of our life, it is our obligation to love God. There are a lot of rules in this world but is the commandments of God that we need to be committed to. God is omnipresent hence we can express how much we love God anytime and anywhere, to someone and anyone.

God put people in our life to point God to us. May we recognize them and welcome them as they point us to God through their moral force. Likewise, as Christians, with the presence of the Holy Spirit, let us continue to show our love to God by following His commandments so that we can attract others to fix their eyes on Him too, not on the less important things.


~ Olive Ilustrisimo

Source: Neo Jeremiah Voice of the Young Prophet, May 21, 2017 issue.