This Sunday, the Catholic Church celebrates Pentecost wherein we commemorate the descent of the Holy Spirit to the disciples in the form of fire. It is also known as the birthday of the Church because it is the day where Jesus passed on His Mission to His disciples for He will ascend and sit at the right hand of the Father.

Jesus sends the Holy Spirit to the apostles in replacement of Him so they will be able to deeply understand His teachings and continue preaching the word of God.

But, who is the Holy Spirit? Holy Spirit is a part of the Holy Trinity along with God the Father and Jesus, the Father’s son. They are all equal though having different roles and functions. From the beginning when God created everything, His son and the Holy Spirit are working with Him.

Mostly, we see God the Father talking to His people in the form of voice while Jesus the Son of God was born into human form and immersed with the people to teach and spread the Word of God. The Holy Spirit revealed Himself to us in the form of fire and wind and He speaks directly in our thought and always lives inside of everyone who believes in Jesus. He is the one that leads us closer to God, reveals the truth and guide is as we go deeper in our faith.

In our Gospel today, Jesus lets His disciples to continue His mission in preaching God’s word and healing of the sick through the guidance of the Holy Spirit. Jesus left the Holy Spirit to the disciples to help them accomplish it and given His absence. It is a solid proof that the Spirit of the Lord is working with them and that they are filled with God’s spirit. And the best thing about it is we also have the privilege to ask these gifts from the Holy Spirit as long as we believe in Jesus.

But maybe we’re wondering how to know if it is the Holy Spirit that is speaking to us. That’s where we have to read our Bible, so we can be familiar with God, His characteristics and we may know His will. We have to be familiar with their shepherd’s voice so we won’t be lost. Does this voice inside of us tell us to do things that please God? Or would this hurt someone? Also we have to take note of the fruits of the Holy Spirit – love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, generosity, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control – if it won’t result to any of these fruits, then we are hearing the wrong voice.

We may not have seen, touched and talked with Jesus like the apostles did but we are all blessed enough to have the Holy Spirit inside us. We can always ask for His guidance anytime and anywhere.

So let’s deepen our faith in God with the help of the Holy Spirit. Before reading our Bible, pray to the Holy Spirit to give us enough knowledge and wisdom to lead us understand the truth about Jesus’ teachings and to drive us away from confusion while reading the Bible. Listen to the Holy Spirit’s voice and do whatever he said. Let us allow the Holy Spirit to move in our lives do we may be able to participate in Jesus’ mission of spreading the Good News of salvation.

There are these beautiful gifts we can ask from the Holy Spirit especially when we’re confused, needing guidance and seeking the truth. These are the utterance of wisdom, utterance of knowledge, faith, healing and working of miracles, prophecy, and ability to distinguish between spirits, various kinds of tongues and interpretation of tongues. The most popular scenario about these gifts is when the apostles preached the word of God in different places in their own native language. Many were amazed that the apostles may be able to preach and understand their language even though they’re not from that place.

~ Jovs

Source: Neo Jeremiah Voice of the Young Prophet Newsletter June 9, 2019 issue.