Simon Peter represents each one of us. At some point in our life, in such a mysterious way we unexpectedly meet God. And for Simon Peter, it was on a low day during his work as a fisherman. He has worked hard all day and yet still has caught nothing. Maybe our encounter with God is similar with that of Simon Peter. Maybe it was also on a bad day, or at a very low point in our life. Maybe we area also cIose to accepting defeat, and then our souls met with His grace. We don’t know how, but when we do meet the Lord our souls could recognize that it’s Him.

Just like how Simon Peter had recognized Jesus. How powerful and convicting must have been the Lord’s teaching that Simon Peter has recognized that the man sttting in his boat, teaching the word of God is his “Master” and “Lord”. Simon Peter in his old age and much experience at fishing knew what he was saying when he said that there were no fish all night. Still he obeyed Jesus, a carpenter, at the command to lower his net at once. That leap of faith, surrender and such obedience led Simon Peter to witness a miracle. And it is what we all need in our encounter with God. Maybe we meet God in a triumph, or maybe we meet him in a trial. There is this mystery that surrounds our every encounter of Him, a lot of “what ifs” and “buts” will come around and if we are caught lacking faith, we cannot surrender to his will, we cannot obey his command, and we would miss the opportunity to see the majesty of the Lord right before our eyes. However, if day by day, we are nourishing our faith by exhibiting full dependence on God in every work that we do, simply letting go and letting God, just like that abundance of fish almost breaking the nets of the disciples, the abundance of God’s grace will also meet us

We know that Simon Peter’s journey with God did not end with His encounter with Jesus but only marked the beginning of it. At the sight of the miracle Simon Peter was shaken to his core to be able lo acknowledge how unworthy he is standing before the most Holy Lord. When the calling of the Lord comes to each of us, it makes us aware of our sinful ways and of our “unworthiness” before the Lord. This response is normal and only true to our human nature. The Lord knows us very well, that is why in the gospel, he reassures us with his amazing response to Simon Peter: “Do not be afraid.” God knows our strengths and weaknesses, our praises and sins. Whoever we are, our identity remains: we are children of God and His grace is sufficient for us.

To leave everything behind is to gain Jesus, the source of everything.


Source: Neo jeremiah Voice of the Young Prophet Newsletter February 10, 2019 issue.